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News from the Motueka Community Board

The following news items, already posted under the general news section of this website, relate directly to Motueka Community Board activities.

Community board adopts special projects list

(October 19): The Motueka Community Board has approved more than $120,000 of local Special Projects it will fund during the current financial year. Full article »

Motueka policing discussed at community board meeting

(August 16): Police foot patrolling is one of the best tools for tackling local crime, say both the Motueka Community Board and the Tasman Police District commander, Mike Johnson. Full article »

Baby step taken to advance town traffic bypass

(August 16): A baby step was taken yesterday toward advancing the prospect of a heavy-vehicle bypass around Motueka, but it still may take a decade or more to implement. Full article »

Board makes progress on youth representation

(July 19): Further steady progress was made by the Motueka Community Board at its monthly meeting yesterday, including the final, formal adoption of changes to standing orders allowing youth representatives to take part in debates. Full article »

Board's SH60 submission urges carparking rethink

(July 4): The Motueka Community Board is urging NZTA to minimise the loss of car parking spaces on central High Street, when the transport agency decides on changes to traffic management within the town. Full article »

Where would an outdoor gym be most useful?

(June 23): The Motueka Community Board are looking at options for potentially installing outdoor gym equipment, similar to that at Tahunanui beach area and Saxton Fields. But where should it go? Full article, survey »

Community Board challenged on youth issues

(June 21): Several issues around the place of young people in the community grabbed the limelight at Motueka Community Board's packed-out June meeting yesterday. Full article »

Slow progress toward youth reps on community board

(May 18): The Motueka Community Board is planning a selection process for non-voting youth representation at board meetings, while bureaucracy hampers efforts to change standing orders needed to formalise the arrangement. Full article »

Is Motueka TDC's 'forgotten settlement'?

(April 23): While supporting Council's stance on reducing debt, the Motueka Community Board nevertheless said a lack of movement on key infrastructure is hurting Motueka. Full article »

Anarewa Reserve plan needs further work

(April 19): Efforts by Tasman District Council to develop the reserve area between Anarewa Crescent and Tapu Bay have resulted in "dissension within the community", residents said. Full article »

Record crowd at community board public forum

(April 19): What must be a record number of people at the Community Board public forum yesterday is a testament to the increasing faith Motueka people are placing in the effectiveness of their new representatives. Full article »

Motueka must wait for desired improvements

(March 24): A new library for Motueka is "absolutely needed", Tasman Mayor Richard Kempthorne said, but only as it fits into Council's district-wide planning. Full article »

Comm board approves three discretionary grants

(March 23): Three community groups received discretionary grants to help with current projects at the Motueka Community Board meeting on Tuesday. Full article »

Community Board to revisit freedom camping issues

(February 20): The Community Board is to have another crack at a solution for Motueka's freedom camping problems, while also encouraging self-contained campers to the town. Full article »

'Special projects' funding ready to be spent

(February 16): The allocation of funds to Motueka Community Board's "special projects" will near completion next week with the board to decide on a recommended list that was based on community input. Full article »

New community board gets down to business

(December 15): The Motueka Community Board ended 2016 in businesslike fashion with members eager to tackle several long-standing issues as soon as the holiday season is past. Full article »

Community board broadens criteria for special projects

(December 14): The Motueka Community Board is sticking to its guns and asking TDC to allow it to fund small projects that are not strictly 'Bricks and Mortar'. Full article »

Parks and reserves review process to be explained

(November 23): The management and use of Motueka's reserves is up for review, and the Community Board wants to make it as easy as possible for people to get their ideas and concerns into the mix. Full article »

Show your preferences for Motueka projects

(November 18): The Motueka Community Board is consulting on which special local projects it should fund in the coming year, so here's your chance to show your preferences. Full article & link to survey »

New community board gets down to business

(November 9): The new Motueka Community Board has hit the ground running, using its first business meeting to sort out some targets and priorities for its three-year term. Full article, photo »

Community Board meeting frequency questioned

(September 21): The frequency and timing of meetings will be one of the earliest decisions the incoming Motueka Community Board is likely to make following the upcoming local body elections. Full article »

Community Board agrees on special project options

(September 9): The Community Board used the final meeting of its three-year term to agree on the list of special local projects which will be put out to the community for consultation. Full article »

Camera uncovers one of the flood culprits

(August 10): One large plastic Coke bottle compounded the misery of Wilkie Street residents this year when exceptional flooding hit their neighbourhood on several occasions. Full article »

Community Board settles on special project list

(July 28): The Motueka Community Board has settled on a list of local projects on which to spend its "special projects" fund from its targeted rate for the coming year. Full article »

Reverse donation a highlight of board meeting

(July 27): Yesterday's Community Board meeting had its usual assortment of complaints and criticisms. But this time a small, happy highlight was a donation back to TDC by a volunteer group. Full article »

Council pressured to fix flooding problems earlier

(July 27): Anger about ongoing flooding events in Motueka came to a head at last night's Community Board meeting, with council engineering managers being told to get on with implementing solutions. Full article »

Another good attendance at Community Board forum

(June 29): Another good crowd turned up at the Motueka Community Board open forum last night, where once again flooding issues took centre stage. Full article »

Community board focuses on flooding problems

(June 15): The recent series of flood events in Motueka and Riwaka was the main item of business at yesterday's Community Board meeting. Full article »

Two projects under way, others argued over

(May 4): Two long awaited projects - a re-sited pedestrian crossing on Wallace Street and the completion of High Street power line undergrounding - are now under way. Full article »

Library project still on Community Board agenda

(April 29): Debate about the timing of construction of a new library is set to continue at next Tuesday's meeting of the Motueka Community Board. Full article »

Community Board forum draws record crowd

(April 8): The presence of the Mayor and Council CEO brought a record crowd of 20 to the Motueka Community Board open forum held last night. Full article »

TDC listening, but mind made up on annual plan

(March 24): Tasman District Council is asking Motueka residents what they think about the 2016/17 annual plan, but is unlikely to make any changes to it. Full article »

Litter cart operation to be discontinued

(March 23): The litter cart operation for the Motueka CBD will be discontinued shortly due to lack of funds to continue the part-time contract. Full article »

Board chairman's report slates TDC decisions

(March 21): Community Board chairman Paul Hawkes has strong criticisms of several Council decisions and policies in his report to be presented at the Board meeting tomorrow. Full article »

Community Board ends 2015 looking forward

(December 9): The Motueka Community Board ended its year of meetings on a relatively upbeat note yesterday with progress being made on its Special Projects and Long Term Plan. Full article »

Community Board drafts long term plan for Motueka

(December 1): The Motueka Community Board will next week discuss a draft of its proposed Long Term Plan (LTP) for projects to ensure a stronger future for Motueka. Full article »

Call for local leadership on environmental issues

(November 13): The Motueka Community Board should "take leadership in promoting Motueka as a town that deliberately and intelligently takes care of Nature", environmental advocates say. Full article »

Community Board 'special project' preferences released

(November 11): The results of the online survey by the Motueka Community Board on how to spend their Special Projects fund next year have been made public. Full article »

Freedom camping debated again by community board

(October 29): The thorny issue of freedom camping at Beach Reserve got members steamed up once again at the Motueka Community Board meeting on Tuesday. Full article »

Have your say on Motueka improvement projects

(October 7): It's that time of the year again, when all Motueka residents are encouraged to exercise their democratic right to say how the Community Board's "special projects" fund is spent. Full article, link to survey »

CBD security camera upgrade under way

(September 17): The first four of 20 high-quality security cameras have been installed in Motueka's central business district, and are already achieving great results. Full article »

Plans afoot for picnic area beside Motueka River

(September 17): A simple plan to begin the development of a recreation area on the bank of the Motueka River was presented to the Motueka Community Board on Tuesday. Full article »

Short list of 'special projects' chosen

(September 16): The Motueka Community Board has selected 12 local projects as candidates for targets of this year's Special Projects Fund. Full article »

Community Board considers formal planning process

(August 3): The Motueka Community Board is being asked to consider developing a Long Term Plan and Annual Plan process to guide its future advocacy and project work. Full article »

Submissions sought for 'special projects' funding

(July 11): The Motueka Community Board wants input from residents on how best to spend its almost $50,000 "special projects" fund on improvements in the Motueka Ward over the coming year. Full article »

Board to fund 'bricks and mortar' only

(June 24): The Motueka Community Board has decided to use its enlarged Special Project fund for "bricks and mortar" projects only, and to disallow formal contributions of project ideas from residents. Full article »

Manoy-Talbot walkway link to be constructed

(June 24): After years of negotiations and argument, a walkway link between Manoy Street and Talbot Street will be constructed by the end of August. Full article »

Bigger 'Motueka projects' pot subject to tighter rules

(June 22): Council has approved a request to raise the Motueka targeted rate for "special projects" and has recommended policies and rules around how it will operate from now on. Full article »

Traffic lights, roundabouts again under consideration

(May 13): NZ Transport Agency is reconsidering earlier negative decisions about traffic lights and roundabouts in Motueka's High Street, as part of a holistic study of State Highway 60 from south Motueka to the bottom of Takaka Hill. Full article »

Wallace St pedestrian crossing shift confirmed

(May 13): The pedestrian crossing at the town end of Wallace Street will be moved three metres further from High Street during the next month or two. Full article, plan »

Community Board proposes new meeting formats

(May 11): The Motueka Community Board will decide tomorrow if it will change its monthly meeting schedule to a six-week cycle, with a less formal public forum held between each meeting. Full article »

Library tops community board's LTP submission

(April 22): The Motueka Community Board has made a detailed submission to TDC's Long Term Plan (LTP) hearing, with a range of requests led by a plea to lock in money for a new library. Full article »

Freedom camping problem needs money to fix

(April 17): The vexed, seemingly endless issue of freedom camping was discussed again at Tuesday's Community Board meeting, with the focus shifting to money for enforcement of by-laws. Full article »

Upgrade sought for town security cameras

(April 16): The Motueka Community Board will look for ways to fund a long-overdue renewal of the 17 security cameras in the central town area. Full article »

Goodman Park to get floodlights for soccer

(March 12): The desperate need to upgrade drainage at Memorial Park to make it fit for winter football has led to a recommendation that $65,000 be spent on installing floodlights at Goodman Park. Full article »

Community Board special rate may be raised

(February 11): Most members of the Motueka Community Board are keen to see the ward targeted rate increased from five dollars to $10 per year, as long as it is spent well. Full meeting report »

'Special projects' chosen for targeted rate

(February 11): Projects that will account for around $18,000 of the "special projects" targeted rate were confirmed at last night's Motueka Community Board meeting, with more possibly to come. Full article »

Group to investigate restoring old wharf

(December 10): Hopes of restoring the dilapidated historic Motueka Wharf Quay have nudged forward with the proposed formation of a group of interested parties to advance the project. Full article »

Community Board makes Waimea Dam submission

(November 14): The Motueka Community Board has made a last-day submission to the Council's Waimea Dam proposal, following what chairman Paul Hawkes says was "lots of healthy debate surrounding the proposal". Full article »

Variety of topics at Board's 25th anniversary meeting

(November 12): The Community Board has agreed to ask Council to flag a plan to expand the parking space at the Recreation Centre, saying the money could better be spent on other more pressing problems. Full article »

How would you like $25,000 spent in Motueka?

(November 3): It's time for Motueka ward residents and ratepayers to tell their community board how they would like the $25,000 accumulated targeted rate to be spent on local special projects for the 2014-15 year. Full article, voting form »

Dam issue dominates marathon Community Board meeting

(October 16): The Waimea Community (Lee Valley) dam dominated proceedings at the Motueka Community Board's marathon meeting on Tuesday, with two presentations and lots of public interaction. Full article »

Widening option mooted for Motueka River bridge

(October 15): NZ Transport Agency is considering a new option for making the Motueka River bridge safer to use - adding about a metre to its width to serve for the next 20-30 years. Full article »

Paul Hawkes slams Council's library decision

(October 8): Community Board chairman Paul Hawkes has slammed the Tasman District Council over its decision to postpone the library redevelopment, saying it will exacerbate the rift between Council and the Motueka community. Full article »

Community Board debates traffic speed limits

(August 13): Debate over the best speed limits for Motueka's High Street and State Highway 60 through Riwaka took up considerable time at last night's meeting of the Motueka Community Board. Full article »

All is not lost for new library plans

(July 9): A new library for Motueka remains part of Tasman District Council's thinking and work begins to plan a library-based community facility for Decks Reserve. Full article »

Wait and see strategy for Kumaras cycle path

(July 9): The Kumaras walking track will remain part of the Great Taste cycle trail at least for the time being, while a longer term solution to its erosion due to storms is plotted. Full article »

Board chair demands better TDC project monitoring

(July 7): Community Board chairman Paul Hawkes is getting stuck in to TDC staff over the lack of feedback and action on long-promised projects in the Motueka ward. Full article »

Surplus cash in Board's discretionary funding pot

(June 12): The Motueka Community Board approaches the end of its financial year with less than half of the budget for discretionary funding of community groups spent. Full article »

Library deferral decision angers board members

(June 11): Council's decision to yet again defer the Motueka library redevelopment brought emotional and angry criticism from two Community Board members yesterday. Full article »

Urgent action needed to address bridge vulnerability

(June 11): Fears about the vulnerability of the Motueka River bridge during the Easter storm has caused the Community Board to demand that a new bridge be put back on the New Zealand Transport Agency's agenda. Full article »

Board to debate future of Kumaras cycle track

(June 9): The Motueka Community Board tomorrow will debate the future of the cycle and walking path between the golf course and the Kumaras reserve, as weather damage continues to threaten this part of the Great Taste cycle trail. Full article, photo, map »

Motorhome users propose camping area at port

(May 14): Local members of the New Zealand Motor Caravan Association want to develop the old Motueka beach camp into grounds for certified, self-contained motorhome users. Full article »

Board supports idea of a community development trust

(May 14): The Community Board has endorsed a proposal from Vision Motueka that would result in the establishment of a community development trust to focus on the town's medium to long-term future. Full article »

Community Board makes annual plan submission

(April 30): The Motueka Community Board's submission to the draft 2014-15 Annual Plan urges action to be taken by TDC on a range of issues including a library replacement, river works and waste water treatment. Full article »

Board's finances in good shape for 2013/14 year

(April 13): The Motueka Community Board's finances are in good shape, with a year-end (June 30th) balance forecast of around $18,000 despite a year of heavy spending on special projects. Full article »

Pedestrian-operated lights planned for High Street

(March 12): After 15 years of proposals, knock-backs and anguish, Motueka's CBD will get two sets of pedestrian-operated traffic lights and better control of traffic flow through the town. Full article »

Rec Centre to finish off major upgrade

(March 12): The Motueka Recreation Centre is preparing to begin stage 2 of its upgrade, beginning with the installation of a lift to access the first floor mezzanine area. Full article »

Board to toughen rules on grant applications

(December 12): The Motueka Community Board has signalled its intention to tighten its rules on giving out grants from its Discretionary Fund to community groups. Full article »

Community Board ponders new and old trees

(December 11): Motueka's trees past and future took centre stage at last night's meeting of the Motueka Community Board, the final one for two months. Full meeting report »

Proposal to replace High Street's golden elms

(December 3): Motueka people love the trees in central High Street but the shopkeepers hate the mess they make. That's what we usually hear, but is it true? We'll find out soon, because Community Board chairman Paul Hawkes wants the issue sorted. Full article, photos »

New community board off to collegial start

(November 14): The Motueka Community Board, 2011-2014 version, got off to a collegial start on Tuesday as it prepares to tackle plenty of unfinished business and a few new ones. Full article »

Paul Hawkes to lead community board for next term

(November 1): Paul Hawkes has been elected unopposed as the new chairman of the Motueka Community Board, replacing board member David Ogilvie who has held the post for the past six years. Full article »

All-male line-up for another local govt term

(October 13): The voters in Motueka ward have decided to be led politically for the next three years by seven men, including every incumbent who stood again for the local body elections. Full article »

Community Board concludes three-year term

(September 12): The Motueka Community Board wound up its 2010 - 2013 term on Tuesday with discussions on several interesting issues and a thanks all round to the board members and in particular the two who are not standing for re-election. Full article »

Quick-fire meeting of Community Board

(August 15): What could well be a record short time for a Motueka Community Board meeting was one outcome of the August gathering on Tuesday, with most contentious items deferred either for a later meeting or a post-election Board. Full report »

Engineering issues dominate Community Board meeting

(July 11): Negotiations over the use of land for realignment of the Riwaka-Kaiteriteri Road at Turners Bluff have moved a large step forward and construction work should restart before Christmas, the Motueka Community have been told. Full meeting report »

'Destination playground' planned for Decks Reserve

(June 12): Plans are being made for playground upgrades for Decks Reserve and Memorial Park this year, with some exciting new equipment included that will make Decks Reserve a "destination playground" for the town. Full article »

New local government act allows existing TDC services

(June 12): The controversial changes in the Local Government Act regarding the purposes of local government will not mean any of the activities of Tasman District Council will be constrained, says TDC's strategic development manager Susan Edwards. Full article »

Vote on Motueka farmers market deferred

(May 15): The proposal for a Farmers Market in front of the District Museum was placed on hold at yesterday's meeting of the Motueka Community Board while it checks the rules on commercial activities in the space. Full article »

Report analyses Motueka's stormwater handling

(May 13): Motueka's infrastructure "coped adequately" to the April 21st torrential downpour, but there are "some areas of concern that need attention", says Community Board chairman David Ogilvie. Full article »

Riverside reserve proposed beside Motueka bridge

(April 10): A riverside reserve near the northern end of the Motueka River bridge, similar to the one beside the Appleby bridge over Waimea River, was proposed at yesterday's Community Board meeting. Full article »

Shake-up signalled for Tasman's i-Site operations

(April 10): Tasman District's three i-Site businesses at Murchison, Takaka and Motueka are due for a huge shake-up, although the outcome is still unknown for Motueka's better-performing i-Site operation. Full article »

Local action urged on footpaths and cycleways

(April 7): The apparent lack of development work by Council on Motueka's footpaths and cycleways has prompted a proposal for a citizens' advisory group to be formed to plan a development and maintenance programme. Full article »

Motueka West development plan ready to view

(March 13): The revised plan for the proposed long-term Motueka West development will be presented to Tasman District Council in April and then be publicly notified for consultation, Motueka Community Board members were told yesterday. Full article »

Board wants halt to camping at Beach Reserve

(March 13): The community board has asked council to close the camping area of Beach Reserve, and to report on options to solve the ongoing problems caused by non-complying freedom campers using and abusing the area. Full article »

Council drops library plan in favour of hub development

(February 13): Council will defer its planned upgrade of Motueka Library possibly for a year while a working party investigates building a new community and visitor hub, with library, in Decks Reserve. Full article, plans »

Challenge put to local body politicians in election year

(February 8): Local politicians are being challenged to work together this year to achieve positive results for the people who elected them to their positions on Council and the Motueka Community Board. Full article »

Litter cart set to return to the streets

(December 12): Motueka will see the street litter cart operating again shortly, with the Community Board yesterday approving the pooling of resources to enable payment of the service provider for up to 15 hours a week over five days. Full article »

Library development project still up in the air

(December 12): The Motueka Library development project is still in limbo and will remain so for at least two further months, as Council grapples with issues of budget, inadequate consultation, a feasibility study and earthquake testing of buildings. Full article »

Comprehensive report on Motueka's playgrounds

(November 16): A comprehensive report of playgrounds and play equipment in the Motueka ward found that overall their presentation and maintenance is very good, the Motueka Community Board has heard. Full article »

Fresh look needed on town water reticulation

(November 15): A recent find of e-coli contamination in a Motueka High School bore has sparked renewed interest in the further development of Motueka's town water reticulation. Full article »

'Special Projects' vote called into question

(October 11): The voting is in on how the Community Board should spend its $40,000 targeted rate and surplus, but the question now is: will the board follow the wishes of the residents or choose their own projects? Full article »

Harvey Norman sale visit angers local retailers

(October 10): The public forum at yesterday's Community Board meeting was used to express strong opinions on a range of subjects, led by a complaint about the three-day Harvey Norman sale last weekend at the Recreation Centre. Full report »

Community board supports extension to liquor ban

(September 12): The Motueka Community Board is supporting council's amended Control of Liquor in Public Places bylaw that will see the area of the 24-hour ban extended to include Thorp's Bush, Memorial Park, the Skate Park and Port Motueka. Full article »

Short list drawn up for special projects

(September 10): The short list of Motueka's 2012-13 Special Projects has been chosen by the Community Board, and will be advertised shortly to gauge the preferences of the wider community. Full article »

New subdivision being planned west of Grey Street

(August 15): Wakatu Inc has received approvals from land owners to begin planning for a new 101-section subdivision on the western side of Grey Street, some to target the "affordable" house buyer market. Full article »

More thought needed over library upgrade plans

(August 14): Community Board chairman David Ogilvie is calling for "essential and urgent" consultation of residents by the council over plans to upgrade the Motueka Library, including where it should be located. Full article »

Time to choose Motueka's special project list

(July 12): If you have an idea for an improvement in the Motueka ward's facilities that would cost up to $10,000, now is the time to lobby your Community Board member as the board begins the decision process to spend its "Special Projects" budget. Full article »

Board welcomes goal of more community engagement

(July 11): The request by Tasman District Council to work with the community board on a project to improve council's engagement with its communities was "welcomed with open arms" by community board members at its July meeting held yesterday. Full article »

Options proposed for new flood protection strategy

(July 11): The scrapping of Tasman District Council's plan to upgrade and raise the Motueka River stopbanks has prompted the Community Board to recommend a set of lower-cost strategies to reduce the risk of a major flood to the town. Full article »

Call for Memorial Hall supper room upgrade

(July 8): Community Board chairman David Ogilvie is calling for an urgent upgrade of the Memorial Hall supper room facilities, but Council says if we want it that badly Motuekans will have to pay for it themselves. Full article »

TDC seeks more 'community engagement'

(July 8): Tasman District Council is looking for more local involvement in decision making by asking the Motueka Community Board to become a "significant stakeholder within the Council-led Community Engagement project". Full article »

Low takeup of funds available to community groups

(June 18): Only one-third of the Community Board's combined discretionary and youth development fund budgets was spent during the 2011-12 financial year, with fewer community groups requesting financial help for projects. Full article »

Mens Shed seeks help to expand

(June 14): Motueka Mens Shed has asked the Community Board to help its members find a location for larger premises as it outgrows the temporary building it is using at the Recreation Centre. Full article »

Community Board want park fence funds reallocated

(May 10): The community board wants the $40,000 for building a new Memorial Park boundary fence to be largely reallocated to another local project that would provide more benefits. Full article »

Motueka poorly treated in draft transport plans

(May 9): Plans for roading projects in the Motueka ward are notable by their absence in the Tasman Regional Land Transport Programme for 2012 - 2015, says the Motueka Community Board in its submission to the draft plan. Full article »

Board's LTP submission covers range of issues

(May 6): The Motueka Community Board made a solid submission to TDC's Long Term Plan (LTP) at the recent hearings in Motueka, covering a range of important local issues. Full article, submission »

Stinking compost leads to demands for action

(April 11): The row about the possibility of water pollution from Birdhurst's allegedly non-complying compost operation resulted in some forthright exchanges at yesterday's April meeting of the Motueka Community Board. Full article »

Youth reps to work with community board

(April 11): More input from our youth into making Motueka a better town could result from a presentation by local members of the Tasman Youth Council to yesterday's meeting of the community board. Full article »

Inaction over litter making Motueka untidy

(March 14): Litter and rubbish figured largely in yesterday's monthly meeting of the Motueka Community Board, with issues including street rubbish, upgrading litter bins and clearing recycling bins being raised at several times. Full article »

Need to heed warnings about potential flooding

(February 15): The Motueka ward dodged a bullet during the December rains, and the disasters seen in Golden Bay and Nelson show how important it is that council make a greater effort to improve our stormwater infrastructure. Full article »

Busy year ahead for Community Board

(February 13): A busy year looms for the Motueka Community Board, with plenty of submissions, communications, decisions and monitoring of council projects in the pipeline and ready to roll. Full article »

Tetchy meeting ends year for community board

(December 14): Motueka is suffering from Christmas-buildup pressures if yesterday's Community Board meeting is any indication, with numerous short exchanges in the public forum and board meeting proper producing a tetchy atmosphere. Full article »

No evidence to back claims of toxic dumps

(December 10): Allegations that toxic materials had been dumped in at least two gravel pits near the Motueka River have been investigated by the community board and council and found to be unsubstantiated without supporting evidence. Full article »

Flat refusal for traffic lights deeply worrying

(December 9): A death or serious injury at the intersection of High Street with Pah and Greenwood streets is very likely if NZ Transit Authority continues to refuse the installation of traffic lights there, according to community board chairman David Ogilvie. Full article »

High Street improvements unlikely in foreseeable future

(November 9): Motueka will likely have to wait a very long time for any improvements to traffic flow in High Street or a town bypass, under current government policy for road spending. Full article »

State of Motueka's streets again questioned

(November 6): The standard of Motueka's streets continues to annoy residents, and the Community Board will consider a recommendation to either improve the maintenance or reconstruct some of the worst maintained streets. Full article »

Small project list still up in the air

(October 13): The items to be funded through the targeted "small projects" rate for the Motueka ward have still not been finalised, with the Community Board deciding to thrash out the options further at another closed workshop. Full article »

Serious pollution claimed due to illegal dumping at CJs

(October 12): Alarming claims that Motueka's aquifers have been seriously polluted by illegal dumping at CJ Industries' pit near the Motueka River dominated the public forum before yesterday's October meeting of the Community Board. Full article »

TDC locks in Community Board delegations

(September 21): Last month the Tasman District Council agreed to a number of delegations to the Motueka and Golden Bay Community Boards following a process begun last year and further identified within the Local Government Commission's recent Draft plan. Full article »

Board opts for 'affordable' refurbished stopbanks

(September 16): The Community Board has settled on its submission to the consultation process on Motueka's flood protection scheme, saying it believes the community prefers the middle-ground stopbank refurbishment option. Full article »

High Street power lines to be laid underground

(September 15): The power lines supplier for Motueka, Network Tasman Ltd, has signalled its intention to progressively move all the power cables in High Street underground over three years beginning mid-2012. Full article »

Council overrides local opinion on playgrounds

(September 14): Tasman District Council has declined a key opportunity to work cooperatively with the Motueka Community Board, choosing a report of its own staff over the recommendation of the board with regard to upgrading playground equipment. Full article »

No agreement by Community Board on choice of small projects

(September 14): It's back to the drawing board for the allocation of up to $40,000 of Community Board money after board members last night failed to agree on how the "small projects" budget should be spent. Full article »

Ideas sought by community board for Ten Year Plan

(August 24): The Motueka Community Board wants to hear residents' ideas and opinions on how the town should develop over the next 10 years. Full article »

Community board lists its preferred delegated powers

(August 11): The Motueka Community Board has prepared a list of delegations it would like to see implemented under either the current Tasman District Council or an amalgamated Nelson-Tasman District Council. Full article »

Small projects budget allocated by Community Board

(August 10): A reinstated litter cart and the sealing of a popular walkway were the two leading contenders for spending by the Community Board of the proceeds of its targeted rate total of $25,000, according to the recently circulated questionnaire. Full article »

Sunday market remains under current management

(August 10): Motueka's Sunday market will continue under the management and ownership of Judy Roper for at least another three years, with a right to renew, after the Community Board turned down a suggestion by Our Town Motueka to open to other groups the licence to operate. Full article »

Community Board votes to reject council amalgamation

(August 10): The Motueka Community board has shown its hand on the amalgamation issue, voting yesterday in a split decision to submit to the Local Government Commission its opposition to the draft scheme. Full article »

Large crowd at contentious Community Board meeting

(July 13): The July meeting of the Motueka Community Board was long (over three hours), mainly interesting and often fractious. About 30 residents attended, packing the TDC meeting room probably beyond what fire regulations would allow. All seven Board members attended. Full article »

Rumour leads to angry defence of Sunday market operator

(July 13): Rumour and speculation about the future of the Sunday market following a request for information by the Motueka Community Board brought an agitated crowd of mainly market supporters to the Board's July meeting yesterday afternoon. Full article »

Community Board struggles to reach any agreement on amalgamation

(July 13): If the Sunday market argument was a surprise for many at yesterday's Community Board meeting, the other main topic - the Board's approach to the Council amalgamation proposal - certainly was not, and again vigorous debate and interjections from onlookers featured. Full article »

Community Board to make crucial decision on delegated powers

(July 8): Motueka Community Board members have a crucial decision to make this month about the future of their powers, following the Tasman District Council's recommendation last week that the board's spending power and delegations be extended. Full article »

TDC set to increase powers for community boards

(July 4): The Tasman District Council last Thursday considered a report suggesting that both the Motueka and Golden Bay Community Boards be given increased powers, and Chief Executive Paul Wylie has suggested that the Council approve them in principle. Full article »

Low turnout at Community Board meeting

(June 15): Yesterday's June Community Board meeting proved something of an anticlimax, with at times only three of the seven members present to decide on several key issues - including one measure designed to encourage board members take a greater part in proceedings. Full article »

Busy time ahead for Community Board members

(June 13): The second half of 2011 is shaping up to be a very busy and hopefully productive six months for the Motueka Community Board, with several projects ready to reach fruition, says board chairman David Ogilvie. Full article »

Extra targeted rate for Motueka ward projects

(June 10): The Community Board is to receive $25,000 from an increase to its targeted rate, to be used to tackle several small local projects which have languished for long periods on the Council's works lists due to lack of funds. Full article »

Airport issues again feature at Community Board meeting

(May 11): The lack of openness in the District Council's dealings with the Motueka Aerodrome was again a major topic at the May meeting of the Community Board, with broad concerns expressed that no-one local is involved in any decision making or can access key information. Full article »

Community Board makes submissions on TDC's 2011-2012 Annual Plan

(Apr 27): The Motueka Community Board has made its submission on Tasman District Council's 2011-2012 Annual Plan, which be heard on Friday May 13th. In it, three items have been raised including ongoing complaints about the Community Board "target" rate. Full article »

Big projects coming up for community consultation

(Apr 14): Some of the most important infrastructure projects that will affect the growth and prosperity of Motueka for decades to come are up for community discussion and consultation this month, with hopes that ratepayers make their opinions known while plans are still at draft stages. Full article »

Working group formed to guide Water Supply project

(Apr 13): A working group including local councillors and Community Board members will be formed to monitor and guide progress on developing and improving the water supply to the Motueka Plains. Full article »

Community Board supplies wishlist for possible targeted rate

(Mar 10): The Motueka Community Board is mulling the possibility of an extra TDC rate targeted at residents in the Motueka ward for discretionary local funding, and has prepared for Tasman District Council a wishlist of items the rate money could be used for. Full article »

Aircraft noise concerns raised again at Community Board meeting

(Mar 9): Twice every year the Motueka Community Board gets the opportunity to join with TDC to voice its concerns and priorities to the state roading authority NZ Transport Agency (NZTA) and consultants MWH and Opus, and such is the importance of several large transportation issues at present that a draft agenda has been drawn up for the meeting on March 31st. Full article »

Community Board to meet roading authorities, consultants

(Mar 9): Twice every year the Motueka Community Board gets the opportunity to join with TDC to voice its concerns and priorities to the state roading authority NZ Transport Agency (NZTA) and consultants MWH and Opus, and such is the importance of several large transportation issues at present that a draft agenda has been drawn up for the meeting on March 31st. Full article »

Ledger Goodman Park neighbours vote on improvements

(Mar 7): Following a request by some residents last year to the Community Board, David Ogilvie and Eileen Wilkins conducted a residents' survey about the state, appearance and use of the 5043m2 Ledger Goodman Park, which links Goodman Drive, Kingstan Place and Ledger Avenue. Full article »

Action needed to make cycling safer in Motueka

(Mar 7): Why are there no cycle lanes marked along the streets in Motueka? This is the question being asked by Community Board chairman David Ogilvy in his report to the Board for its March meeting to be held tomorrow afternoon. Full article »

Community Board mulls water reticulation subsidy

(Feb 9): A subsidy for a water reticulation supply in Motueka was just one of several issues faced by the Community Board yesterday at its first official meeting for 2011. Full article »

Who manages activities at the aerodrome?

(Feb 9): Just who is managing activities at Motueka Aerodrome and controlling its growing use, particularly with respest to the noise it generates? This was a question exercising Councillors and Board members at the public forum before yesterday's Community Board meeting. Full article »

High Street a key focus of Community Board's work for 2011

(Feb 7): The appearance and congestion of the town, particularly of High Street, will be key issues to be addressed by the Community Board this year if chairman David Ogilvie's first report of the year to Tuesday's meeting is anything to go by. Full article »

Community Board mulls contentious issues

(Dec 15): The Motueka Community Board has set the platform yesterday for an interesting and perhaps controversial year ahead with long and sometimes edgy discussion on several key issues at its final monthly meeting for 2010. Full article »

Report from Community Board's November meeting

(Nov 12): The downside of free internet access at the library, plans for more commercialisation of the aerodrome and flood control issues in the Glenavon Reserve were three of the issues discussed at the Community Board meeting on Tuesday. Full article »

Community Board submission opposes Nelson-Tasman amalgamation

(Nov 11): The Motueka Community Board has made a submission to the Local Government Commission (LGC) opposing the proposal to unite the Nelson City and Tasman District Councils. The Board decided on this stance based on informal discussions with residents showing the majority opposed amalgamation. Full article »

Community Board drops water allocation appeal

(Nov 10): The Motueka Community Board has dropped its appeal against water taken from the Motueka River aquifer being partially allocated to the Tasman coastal area, ending a process that was at times bitter and headed for an expensive court hearing. Full article »

Community Board gets three new appointed members

(Oct 29): The Motueka Community Board has swelled in number from four to seven with the decision by Tasman District Council to appoint the three Motueka Ward councillors as full members of the board. Full article »

New Community Board prepares for three busy years

(Oct 22): The new Motueka Community Board was sworn in today, with re-elected chairman David Ogilvie warning that the next three years will impose a very heavy workload around several key issues that will impact significantly on Motueka development well into the future. Full article »

Community Board prepares for next three-year term

(Oct 17): Motueka's new Community Board is getting down to work already, with discussions and briefings of the two new members already under way before this Friday's swearing in ceremony. Full article »

Election results in more of the same for Motueka ward

(Oct 14): Voting results from the local body elections showed that Motueka Ward residents want more of the same from their three council representatives. But those supporting 24-year-old unsuccessful candidate Tara Forde are unhappy with her treatment. Full article, plus many reader comments »

Policy on use of Museum frontage considered

(Sept 16): The issue of TDC's controversial policy for the use by religious and political groups was mulled by the Motueka Community Board on Tuesday at its final meeting before the local body elections. Full article »

Successes and disappointments for outgoing Community Board

(Sept 13): David Ogilvie has paid tribute to his fellow Community Board members for their work over the past three years, but remains disappointed about Tasman District Council's reluctance to acknowledge fully the Board's role in the community and fully delegate functions to it. Full article »

Council's project 'matrix' explained to Community Board

(Aug 13): Decisions about priorities of engineering projects, particularly related to footpaths and pram crossings in and around Motueka, are being put onto a more rational basis with "emotional" factors being removed, courtesy of TDC's engineering "matrix" computer program. Full article »

Community Board surplus earmarked for pram crossings and footpaths

(August 6): The Community Board's hope that its 2009/10 operating surplus be spent on some new pram/scooter crossings and footpaths looks like being granted, with news from Tasman District Council engineering services that it will recommend such action. Full article »

Green MP guest at lively community board meeting

(July 15): Green list MP Kevin Hague used his visit to the Motueka and Golden Bay area to address the Motueka Community Board about three issues which he said were of mutual concern to himself and to Motuekans. Full article »

Concerns linger over lack of consultation in Motueka road planning

(July 15): Strong opinions were expressed at this week's Community Board meeting over the perceived lack of engagement by transport planners and engineers at Tasman District Council and NZ Transport Agency with Motueka residents and ratepayers. Full article »

Community board submits opposition to targeted rates

(June 28): The Motueka Community Board has put forward a submission to central government on the Local Government Act 2002 Amendment Bill, opposing sanctions that allow Councils to fund Community Boards through targeted rates. Full article »

Community Board reviews funding discretionary funding guidelines

(June 25): The community board is taking another look at the way it grants funds to community groups which each month ask for financial help on initiatives and programmes. Full article »

Efforts under way to save firewood project

(June 17): The Motueka Community Board is looking at ways to shore up the future of the Community Firewood Project, which over the past year has delivered wood sourced from orchard prunings to low income households. Full article »

David Ogilvie makes recommendations to Community Board

(June 11): David Ogilvie will table a report and a list of recommendations on several contentious issues at next Tuesday's monthly board meeting. These include opposition to targeted rates, the community firewood project and a cycle lane in High Street. Full article »

Motueka Transportation Study: big changes ahead, but over a long period of time

(May 13): The Tasman District Council and NZTA this week released their long-awaited planning document - the Motueka Transportation Study - telling us how they intend to deal with Motueka's growing traffic congestion problem. Full article »

Engineering dominates community board meeting

(May 13): Engineering issues dominated the May public meeting of the Motueka Community Board on Tuesday this week, with road works and transport plans replacing the usual discussions about water reticulation and river control. Full article »

Water Allocation appeal closer to day in court

(Apr 15): The Motueka Community Board has a short deadline to prepare material for Judge B P Dwyer, who is set down to hear the Board's appeal to the Environment Court against the District Council's Water Allocation Review, Variation 66. Full article »

Annual Plan submissions close in two weeks time

(Apr 14): April 26th is the last day for submissions to the Council's Annual Plan for 2010/11, and the Motueka Community Board is encouraging residents to study the plan and make submissions on issues that affect them. Full article »

Board lodges water appeal to Environment Court

(Feb 27): The Motueka Community Board has decided to appeal the Tasman District Council decision to increase the water take from Motueka's aquifer at the Environment Court. Full article »

Further unhappiness over TDC's water decision

(Feb 10): Motueka has one of the best water supplies anywhere in New Zealand, but arguments over how to keep it that way and how to share it around continue to trouble the Motueka Community Board. Full article »

Community Board final meeting for 2009

(Dec 12): The final meeting for 2009 of Motueka Community Board last week pleaded for the District Council to address on-going concerns about the safety of cycling in High Street and the state of some footpath ramps for mobile scooters and prams. Full article »

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