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Low takeup of funds available to community groups

June 18th, 2012
[by David Armstrong]

Only one-third of the Community Board's combined discretionary and youth development fund budgets was spent during the 2011-12 financial year, with fewer community groups requesting financial help for projects.

For the financial year which will end in two weeks, $5614 was set aside for grants of up to $500 to community groups and $1000 for a youth development fund, but only $2192 (or 33%) was requested and granted for groups and no requests were made for any youth development.

The leftover money will be part of the board's expected $34,000 surplus, which will largely go toward small local engineering projects.

Over the past financial year, the following discretionary fund payments were approved and made:

  • An afternoon tea event for elderly citizens - $440
  • Sponsorship assistance for the Good Vibes fireworks display - $500
  • Annual fixed costs for maintaining Motueka Online - $182
  • Contribution to the costs of the High Street hanging baskets - $500
  • Contribution to the van hire cost for a Motueka High School trip - $435
  • Reglazing the window of the health sign at the Community House - $135

The low takeup of available funding suggests one or more of several reasons, including:

  • Groups are not aware of the discretionary fund (likewise youth groups and their own special fund);
  • Groups think it would be too hard to convince board members of their funding needs;
  • Groups think that money from local government bodies may be so tight that they need not bother applying; and least likely,
  • Groups don't need any financial help at present.

It is important that community and youth groups make use of this funding wherever legitimate and appropriate, otherwise the budget may be cut back due to insufficient demand. For full information on the conditions and procedures around applying for a Community Board grant, view this page.


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