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Youth reps to work with community board

April 11th, 2012
[by David Armstrong]

More input from our youth into making Motueka a better town could result from a presentation by local members of the Tasman Youth Council to yesterday's meeting of the community board.

Three adult leaders and two youth councillors told the community board of their plans for activities this year, and asked that the community board give them a voice at some meetings to put their ideas forward as they come to the planning stage. Board members gave positive and encouraging responses.

The eight-member youth council (one of four such groups in the Tasman region) under the coordination of the Recreation Centre's Libby Brown are planning an "amazing race" event, called "Mad Mish through Mot", to run on the Sunday of Youth Week. It will involve competitors passing through much of the township on various missions.

On a more political front, they are also preparing a submission to put to TDC on the Long Term Plan, and to present a petition they ran for two days at the high school, pleading for the new town swimming pool to be reinstated back onto the Annual Plan instead of being deferred.

Other events being planned include a repeat of the Little Day Out event and working on town litter problems. The youth councillors said they would be happy to work with litter removal plans still being looked at by the community board for street-by-street tidy-ups.


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