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Action needed to make cycling safer in Motueka

March 7th, 2011

Why are there no cycle lanes marked along the streets in Motueka? This is the question being asked by Community Board chairman David Ogilvy in his report to the Board for its March meeting to be held tomorrow afternoon.

He says there are extensive road markings for cyclists in Richmond, but not one in Motueka. The Council's Cycling Strategy, moreover, reported that cyclist numbers in Motueka were the highest in the District.

The Community Board requested the Council nine months ago that the extra-wide footpath along the eastern side of High Street, between Woodlands Avenue and Monahan Street, be divided with a cycle lane marked beside the carriageway, at an approximate cost of $1,500. There has been no response to this request.

"Recently it has been suggested that this eastern side of High Street be road marked with "no parking" lines," David said. "The two suggestions cycle lane and no parking are not mutually exclusive.

"Whakarewa Street, Grey Street, Pah Street, Old Wharf Road, Thorp Street, Fearon Street, King Edward Street, High Street south (from Clock tower corner to the roundabout) all of these appear suitable with road markings for cycle lanes." Refering to the extensive cyclist markings in Richmond, where fewer people actually cycle, he said it is "difficult to reconcile the Council's practice for funding cycle lane marking when comparing the two towns."

David said the Community Board could prepare a cycle lane priority list, subject to an assurance that the road marking would proceed over a two or three year period.

On a broader scale, at this draft annual plan time, it is useful to request the Council to prioritise the needs of pedestrians, mobile scooter users and cyclists relative to vehicular traffic. Improved footpathing, mobile scooter ramps/crossings, cycle lanes and cycle ways are important components of the Transportation budget on a District-wide basis.

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