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This website is (almost) commercial-free. It is a community news, information and expression site, and is not intended as an advertising channel for businesses. It receives zero support from Tasman District Council.

However, a small amount of long-term sponsorship helps ensure that this facility is well-maintained into the future. The goal is to maintain six to eight sponsors on six-month agreements, to enable us to pay for site fixed costs plus daily editorial costs (interviewing, writing, editing and updating etc).

What you get:  Each sponsor is entitled to:

  1. One advertising spot on the home page and each of the pages accessed from the top menu selections (such as the page you're viewing now) and the main news index page.
  2. A solus spot on a set of inter-related pages on which their advertisement will appear as the sole sponsor of that and related pages. These solus advertisements have a web link back to that sponsor's own website.
  3. An acknowledgement of your generosity, and a link to your web page, at the bottom of every news item on the site from your joining date. (As of August 2014) in addition each news page will also have the sponsor graphics down the right hand side of the page.
  4. A listing on the page you are currently viewing, with a link to a website or web page of your own choice (see the links at the top of this page). You can use that web page for whatever commercial, advertising or profile-raising purpose you wish.

Size and cost:  The size of that advertisement is as shown by those of the existing sponsors on the right hand side of this page. The largest one is 150 x 190 pixels, which costs $100 per month. (See Ray White's advertisement, top right.) Two other sizes and costs are available - $75 for a 150 x 142 pixels spot, and $50 for a 150 x 95 pixel spot (see the NBS advert).

The order of adverts is rotated each week so that the bottom one goes to the top (except the Ray White one stays at the very top) and the others shift down one place, giving all a turn higher up.

Who sees your sponsorship advertisement?  The visitor numbers of this website have grown steadily since its launch early in 2010, and currently it is averaging about 450 visits per day (or around 13,000 per month). An average visitor views just over 3 pages per visit, making the page view count per month of over 40,000. That's a lot of eyeballs seeing and appreciating your support for this community initiative!

Interesting in being a sponsor?  At present we have a slot for up to two further sponsors, so if you want to know more and perhaps sign up, let us know. Please email the editor here.


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