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Pilgrimage into the Deep South

[April 12, 2017]
"The question we were asked most often was, 'why?'" says Bettina Fautley of her nearly 1,500km cycling trip with her husband, Stephen Reij, down the entire length of the South Island last month. "It was something I asked myself, too, especially on tough days!" she laughs. Full article »

Alarming increase in the rate of New Zealanders' personal debt

[By Emma Crosby: October 31, 2016]
At the beginning of October it was announced by the Treasury that the level of debt New Zealanders are in has reached amber alert. People are borrowing more money now than they have since the year 2000, and household debts are now at a record high of 165 percent of the average household's disposable income.
Full article »

Meth epidemic takes its toll on Motueka's vulnerable

[By Emma Crosby: October 5, 2016]
Residents of Motueka and the surrounding area will undoubtedly be aware of the problem with methamphetamine which the authorities are currently struggling to get a handle on. Community leaders have spoken of meth as one of the area's 'biggest challenges'. Full article »

Born in the Riwaka valley

[By Faye Davies: February 19, 2015]
Greetings from Auckland. I was born in the Riwaka Valley in 1938. According to my late mother's story, I arrived at about midnight on the 10th-11th of August, 1938. Full article »

Communities the best step to tackling youth mental illness

[By Emma Osman: April 1, 2014]
When close-knit communities like Motueka face challenges, they step up to the plate and hold together for those who need it most, providing an open-minded outlet for expression as well as nurturing future generations and finding hope. Full article »

Why do they hate my letter box?

[By Ian Miller: January 2, 2012]
It's a benign little thing, this letter box of mine. Inoffensive, minds its own business and never does anything it ought not to. It just stands beside my gateway waiting to receive my bills and junk mail, not attracting attention to itself in any way. Yet it gets hammered. Regularly. Full article »

The Boulder Bank of Nelson

[By Ian Miller: December 30, 2011]
When the European settlers first landed in the north of the South Island, the Boulder Bank was hiding a secret place the indigenous Maori did not want discovered. Nelson is tucked away from Tasman Bay behind a long finger of coarse gravel and rounded boulders known as The Boulder Bank. Full article »

Pilot whale find a reminder of the power of these creatures

[By Ian Miller: December 23, 2011]
On a calm November Friday morning Colin Morris and his crew of Mick Cammish, Murray Hyde and I were returning from one of their typically unsuccessful fishing trips when they came across the remains of a Pilot Whale floating just a few kilometres off Motueka. Full article »

Review of 'Matters to a Head', by Kate K

[By David Armstrong: September 29, 2011]
I've just finished reading a most remarkable book. What made it remarkable to me was its unabashed truth-telling and unapologetic rawness. No euphemisms, no hedging; just telling it as it was. The book is Matters to a Head, written by Kate K and set partly in Motueka, and published last month. Full article »

Motueka rich with groups for young people

[By Gemma Lamont: June 15, 2011]
Youth groups are a common feature in the life of young teens. With membership ages ranging from 13 up, they offer a safe haven for teenagers and help keep them off the street. Full article »

English Teaching Trip to Yangon, Myanmar II

[By Helen Rimmer: June 9, 2011]
Each year four teams of teachers from New Zealand volunteer to teach English in the Evangelical Theological College in Yangon, Myanmar. I joined three others from Auckland and Warkworth to become the third team which began teaching on April 18th, 2011. One lady, in her seventies, was a first time teacher this year, after completing an ESOL Teachers course in Australia. Full article »

TVNZ7 in distress - an open letter to the Minister

[By Malcolm Garrett: May 9, 2011]
Like a lot of folk, I have always had trouble finding TVNZ7 in the programme listings in the newspapers and magazines. Many, including our own locals, Nelson Mail, Motueka Golden Bay News, and the Motueka Guardian don't seem to think it is important, or are they just porting in programme listings from a central source? I suspect that this is the case. Full article »

Motueka in 25 years time - looking through a crystal ball

[By Ian Miller: December 10, 2010]
If you have ever tried to turn right out of Tudor Street or sat at a compulsory stop at the Clock Tower and grumbled about the traffic, imagine what the traffic in High Street will be like in 25 years time. With Motueka's population increasing at a pretty consistent 1.3% per year it is not hard to believe that the town will have a population in excess of 16,400 in about 25 years from now. Full article »

Just as the sun is rising: encouraging an active start to the day

[By Sue Clark: October 20, 2010]
The alarm rings before daylight and my immediate reaction is to groan, turn over and go back to sleep, but deep down I know that once I tumble out and get 'on the road' it's going to be worth the effort. The first 150 metres are the worst, then the joints loosen, the body acclimatises to the outdoor temperatures and I am on my way. Full article »

English Teaching Trip to Yangon, Myanmar

[By Helen Rimmer: July 14, 2010]
First impressions are so important when entering another country and the Myanmar Government is working hard to make a good impression on visitors. Yangon airport is now smart and modern, with efficient conveyer belts and tiled floors. The NZ teaching team went through customs easily, carrying our 32 kg load of extra bibles. Full article, photos »

14 Top Tips to help individuals and families achieve their financial goals

[From the Family Service Centre: July 14, 2010]
A list of 14 tips and savings based on real experiences of clients of budget advice services. Full article »

The Flu season in upon us: know what to do

[Edited from several sources: June 14, 2010]
People often mistakenly say they have the flu when they actually have a common cold. Influenza (the "flu") is more serious than the common cold, and this article describes the main differences, as well as giving advice on how you deal with it. Full article »

Democratic Education - nurturing people and citizens

[By Joanna Santa Barbara: May 27, 2010]
Verena Gruner of Riverside has spent decades implementing the ideals of democratic education - education that is driven by curiosity and the need to know, in a community in which the learners participate on equal terms in decisions and rules. Full article »

Know your insurances - From the files of Budget Advice

[By Sjors Brouwer, Family Service Centre: April 30, 2010]
As a budget advisor I regularly come across people who are under insured and people who are over insured. Both of these situations can cost you lots of money. The under-insured are usually people without third party on their car. An interesting case of over-insured happened this month. Full article »

Appeal for help with Volunteer Programme in the Phillipines

[By Kate Erickson: April 25, 2010]
As well as currently teaching primary school kids technology in Motueka, I run an international volunteer organisation called Kids Worldwide, and am helping with the set up of a music, art and technology school in Davao, Southern Philippines, to offer out-of-school tuition to the children who are in the local orphanages in the area. Full article »

Winding Road to Wanaka: Russell and Rose Scott on Cavalcade

[By Sue Clark: March 17, 2010]
After three months of training which included trialling various saddles, saddlebags, breastplates and wet weather gear as well as doing many miles each day both on the beach and along forest tracks, 'take off' day 21st February finally arrived. Full article »

Some interesting trivia about Motueka

[By David Armstrong: February 11, 2010]
What is the actual population of Motueka? And what other words can you make out of the word 'Motueka'? Some answers are revealed by someone with too much time on his hands. Full article »

Haiti - a lesson about big cities and smaller communities like Motueka

[By David Armstrong: February 5, 2010]
The terrible humanitarian situation in Haiti following the big earthquake is saddening beyond measure. The disaster also offers some lessons and insights about modern living, and I'm going to discuss one - the downside of living in big cities, and why smaller towns like Motueka are more sustainable. Full article »

New life within a sustainable community - Why I moved to Motueka

[By David Armstrong: January 23, 2010]
I've lived for several decades in Christchurch but have now moved to Motueka. Apart from the obvious attractions of a milder and softer climate, a more vibrant, greener landscape, proximity to the sea, and the ability to walk or bike safely to most local destinations, plus the desire to pre-retire in a more laid-back setting, it was the philosophy of community that led my wife and me here. Full article »