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Walks and Cycleways in Motueka

Cycling in Motueka  

Ian Miller is compiling a set of articles about various suggested cycle routes in and around Motueka for recreational cyclists. Read his suggestions here »

VIDEO:  Note also an excellent 5 minute video posted on YouTube by the Rutherford Probus Cycling Group members, showing many of the cycle tracks around Motueka, several of which are referred to in individual items below.
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Motueka Art Walk
Developed by the Motueka Arts Council, the Art Walk is designed to encourage locals and visitors to wander along High Street and nearby streets and discover the artistic treasures and interesting art installations and furniture created by artists that live in our region.
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Kumara Coastal Strip
This is a relaxing, easy 1 - 1½ hour walk that offers some good native bush and great, restful coastal views. The whole area is ecologically important, with extensive areas of rush land and salt marsh and a major feeding area for wading birds.
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The Birdís Eye Brooklyn View
This short walk gives a great view over the patchwork fields of the Motueka plains, across Tasman Bay and over to the rugged beauty of the Takaka Hill. This walk does not take long (about 30 minutes), but it involves a bit of stamina and reasonable fitness.
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The Riwaka Resurgence
See rugged New Zealand bush and tumbling pure water the way it must have been thousands of years ago. A short, easy walk takes you to the place where the Riwaka River surfaces from its journey inside the Takaka Hill. Lovely picnic areas for all the family.
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The Inner Estuary and Motueka Cemetry Walk
On this 30-minute easy walk, the area's main features are great scenes (different but equally interesting with the tide in or out) and the opportunity to spot a variety birds. There are more wading birds at half or low tide in the estuary. The walk is sheltered from the winds in most places.
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Motueka Sandspit
For those who visit the Motueka Quay and walk or cycle the Estuary Walkway directly east of the town centre, the sandspit running parallel - just there over the full-tide stretch of water or the low-tide mudflats - is a beguiling option for those prepared to make the effort to stride its length from its starting point.
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Takaka Hill walkway
The Takaka Hill Walkway takes you through both fantastic marble landscapes and remnant forest. It's a 2.5 - 3 hour walk on the summit of Takaka Hill, an area noted for its unusual elevated landscape including spectacular marble karst rock formations, native flora and fauna, and habitat of a giant carnivorous snail.
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Walking or cycling along Motueka Quay
Whether in sections or along its full length, this path is probably the most used among recreational walkers and cyclists in Motueka. Being a one-way 4km track, you either do it out and back, or return via some other inland route. There are three parts to the track, each a great shorter walk in itself.
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Easy cycling for gentle folk
You don't need a $2000 drop handlebar racer and wardrobe of lycra to get started. There are some enjoyable short cycle rides around Motueka that are ideal for those new to cycling. They are great routes to build confidence and fitness.
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See also information from the Department of Conservation »


If you have a favourite thing you like to do - a walking place, attraction, quiet spot - so the rest of us can check it out and enjoy it too, please tell us about it here.