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Cycling in Motueka

Ian Miller is compiling a set of articles about various suggested cycle routes in and around Motueka for recreational cyclists. Start at the top and work your way down the page.

Easy cycling for gentle folk
You don't need a $2000 drop handlebar racer and wardrobe of lycra to get started. There are some enjoyable short cycle rides around Motueka that are ideal for those new to cycling. They are great routes to build confidence and fitness. Full article »

Summer wine cycling
Now that you're only a hundred or so Kilometers of riding away from becoming a cycling enthusiast and your delicate regions are starting to toughen up, I think it's time I led you out of town on a pleasant rural excursion. Full article »

Summer evening on a bicycle - Relaxation, Romance and Wine
This is my idea of a perfect short summer evening ride. It can start anywhere in Motueka because I always think that, if you've the time, it's enjoyable to do a random circuit before you get to the official beginning of your route when the journey is very short as this one is. Full article »

Tasman to Mapua - Are you ready for a hill?
This ride is about 19km long, has two real hills in it but is easily do-able by beginners who are determined to extend themselves a little. Don't make this your first ride - be sure you have a few easy rides under your belt but it is OK to make this your first trip that mixes some road and easy off-road cycling. Full article »

North of Motueka - Local scenes you can cycle to
The best scenery around Motueka is an easy ride away. Cycle just a short distance out of town and enjoy expansive coastal scenes, bush clad mountainsides, a river that surges from a hole in a hill and a broad view over a busy landscape. Full article »

Cycling through Moutere vineyards
For a picturesque ride in the country, this route is one that offers a variety of alternative roads and destinations. What really is on offer here is several trips that can be mixed and matched. This easy ride will take you around some very pretty country side in a circuit. Full article »

Cycling on Rabbit Island - The Magical Mapua Ferry Trip
You are about to embark on a short sea voyage. Yes, it is true that not many cycling trips involve a boat ride but this civilized adventure does take you aboard a splendid craft, 'The Floating Fairy' which commutes back and forth across the Mapua estuary outlet. Full article »

An easy ride around town, except for the up-hill bit
This ride starts and finishes in Motueka, there is café on-route and it is pleasant way to fill in a couple of hours. One side effect is that by doing the hill every now and again you will really improve your fitness. Full article »

Tasman View Road - Not for the faint hearted
The road is rough gravel but quite manageable for those cyclists who ride a mountain bike. It is also quite feasible to do the ride on a comfort bike as long as you are prepared to tolerate constant bumps but the real problem comes after rain when clay sections of road will turn to thick yellow mud. Full article »

Other cycling routes in Motueka

Motueka Quay
Whether in sections or along its full length, this path is probably the most used among recreational walkers and cyclists in Motueka. Being a one-way 4km track, you either do it out and back, or return via some other inland route.
Further details here »

A cycle trip to Toad Hall
For people living near the centre or north of Motueka town, a round cycle trip (with backpack) to shop for your food and veges at Toad Hall can be a scenic and rewarding afternoon out. Several alternative sections of possible routes mean you can do this trip over again and check out different things each time.
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