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Takaka Hill walkway

(Photo from Golden Bay Promotion
Association website)

This walk is at the boundaries of the "Motueka area" but let's for now define that as everything to the top of the Takaka Hill.

The Takaka Hill Walkway takes you through both fantastic marble landscapes and remnant forest. It's a 2.5 - 3 hour walk on the summit of Takaka Hill, an area noted for its unusual elevated landscape including spectacular marble karst rock formations, native flora and fauna, and habitat of a giant carnivorous snail. The limestone rocks and old stumps in themselves a joy.

In clear weather you will see panoramic views over Tasman Bay, Golden Bay and the mountains of Kahurangi National Park.

Information about the area's natural history is provided on-site. The full walk can be shortened to 2 hours by using the sign-posted link track.

The summit area is subject to sudden weather changes and can be exposed, so ensure you are suitably equipped. One must take warm and waterproof gear at all times. Though not a difficult walk, it requires a reasonable level of fitness.

The walkway passes through 321 hectares of private land protected under three QEII Open Space covenants by the Harwood family, who have made it available for public enjoyment. The adjacent Harwood Lookout is also protected by an open space covenant by the family.


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