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Rec Centre to finish off major upgrade

March 12th, 2014
[by David Armstrong]

The Motueka Recreation Centre is preparing to begin stage 2 of its upgrade, beginning with the installation of a lift to access the first floor mezzanine area.

The Motueka Community Board yesterday agreed to the establishment of a Working Group to prepare a proposal, plans and costings for the total upgrade, finishing work done in the major upgrade to the Rec Centre in 2010.

The working group will comprise Paul Hawkes, Cr Barry Dowler, TDC's Community Development and Property Services managers and Community Partnerships Co-ordinator, and Brent Maru from Sport Tasman. It will not seek further money from the Council.

The major upgrade in 2010 included the enlargement of the skating rink but did not have sufficient funds to install the lift (which was purchased but has been in storage), replace the ageing sports stadium floor, install bike stands and drinking fountains, and complete signage.

Since then $103,000 has been allocated from the Motueka Reserve Financial Contributions account, and recently received $50,000 from the Canterbury Community Trust. Council has applied to the Lotteries Commission for the remaining funds to complete the project.

Local Civil Defence operation
Motueka is to get its own Civil Defence set-up this year after several years of asking for guidance from the regional office. The community board heard a presentation yesterday from Roger Ball, manager at the Nelson Tasman Emergency Management office in Nelson.

Roger will be seeking about 30 volunteers to be available for training and contact in the event of an emergency such as flooding, tsunami, earthquake etc. He will also want to recruit one volunteer as the liaison person for Motueka, whose contacts with local networks and people make them the "eyes and ears" for the central office.

The Recreation Centre has been confirmed as the main emergency base, but publicity will emphasise that residents should remain at home in an emergency as the safest place to be. The community board discussed the need for another emergency base on the other side of the river, in case the bridge become unusable.

Marahau volunteers get a funding boost
The board heard a detailed presentation from two members of their volunteer Residents Association, regarding their problems with receiving any funding from Council for the several small improvement projects they undertake. Council says because Marahau is part of the Motueka ward, funding must be sought from the Motueka Community Board.

The association representatives spoke of the many tasks they tackle to improve the community hall, walkways and bridges and restore and plant out wetlands and the esplanade, which are widely enjoyed by people entering the national park.

The costs of each task were minimal, given that in all cases the volunteers supplied labour freely. The total to complete all the projects for this year was $4,300, and the community board decided that it would pay this amount provided that the Marahau association submitted their long-term funding needs to the council's Annual Plan process.

Special projects fund
The community board will pay for the work at Marahau from its "special projects" fund, built from a $5 ward-targeted rate. Members also looked at the list of preferences voted on last year by residents for projects that could be paid out of that fund, and decided that it would also renew its $5,000 subsidy for the litter cart operation for another year.

They resolved to pay for no other special projects at this time, until the state of that fund becomes clearer toward the end of the financial year (June 30). A large lump of the fund had been drawn down unexpectedly last year in order to help pay for the New World / Warehouse pedestrian refuge.

Cycle trail at the Kumaras
The board meeting tabled a report written by the Nelson Tasman Cycle Trail Trust regarding the state of the Great Taste trail between the Motueka golf course and Te Raumanuka Reserve (the Kumaras), and negotiations over its repair and long-term maintenance.

The kilometre-long piece of the cycleway has been damaged and even destroyed in places due to coastal storms and high tides, making it probably the worst part of the whole trail.

The report said an access protocol is about to be approved between iwi, TDC, DoC and the Cycle Trail Trust that "provides a clear understanding of use, maintenance and enhancement processes". A long-term management plan may be developed that would protect the trail and enhance the foreshore while providing erosion protection.

Road naming to honour Bob Cooke
The board renewed its activities begun two years ago to get Wharf Road renamed "Bob Cooke Way", both to honour Bob's years of work to build the adjacent Inlet Walkway that runs alongside it, and to stop confusion between this road, Wharf Road in Riwaka and Old Wharf Road in Motueka.

Chairman Paul Hawkes will check TDC's processes and policies around road renaming. Community consultation is considered unlikely as there are no residences with a Wharf Road address.


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