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Community Board drafts long term plan for Motueka

December 1st, 2015
[by David Armstrong]

The Motueka Community Board will next week discuss a draft of its proposed Long Term Plan (LTP) for projects to ensure a stronger future for Motueka.

The plan, or "wish list", is intended to help Tasman District Council decide on the priorities of Motueka developments within its own Annual Plan and LTP process.

Many items included reflect the community priorities expressed in the "Motueka 2030" consultation process conducted in May this year by Vision Motueka. (See our earlier story.)

The draft was created by Board chairman Paul Hawkes and will be open to public comment and submission after the Board members agree on their own version of the goals and priorities.

Paul says this process is aimed at providing "a systematic approach to budgeting and allocation of resources from the pool of funding accumulated [by TDC] from rate collections".

"To see timely inclusion of Motueka Ward projects we, as a Board, need to develop our own LTP wish list, and in a timely fashion [to] see these integrated into the Council process.

"It is my belief that due to a lack of decisive direction, we have, as a Ward, suffered from a perceived lack of timely project inclusions. We need to focus on major projects and prioritise these into a workable list for inclusion in Council annual and Long Term Plans."

"The Board needs to start somewhere. To this end, I would like us to look at using our previous public consultation processes and recent results from the Vision Motueka "Motueka 2030" survey data and formulate a projects list.

"Upon listing what is seen to be a logical prioritised list, this is then sent for general public consultation and then a list that can be included in the next Annual or Long term Plan process finalised."

The draft list to start the process includes the following (though not necessarily in priority order at this stage):

  • Construction/upgrade of a new Library, Service Centre, Community Hub complex
  • Traffic lights for High Street/Greenwood and Pah Streets intersections
  • Upgrades to the north western residential area wastewater/sewerage system
  • Development of more designated off-street parking areas
  • Continue to investigate and upgrade Motueka's flood protection
  • A connected shared walkway cycle link between High and Talbot Streets, suggesting the lane alongside Elevation Cafe to Talbot Street, alongside the new childcare facility
  • Construction of a new pathway on the southern side of Courtney Street, opposite the South School entrance way, to the Jack Inglis Community Hospital. Widening the street to also allow more safer on-street parking
  • Upgrade of High Street, in association with the Arts Community and Keep Motueka Beautiful
  • Contribute to the restoration project of the Motueka Quay Historic Wharf Trust, along with the restoration of the Tarrant Memorial
  • Second stage of the High Street power line undergrounding project
  • Install high speed broadband throughout the township and immediate surrounding area
  • Ongoing discussions with NZTA around the widening/upgrade of the Motueka River Bridge
  • Creation of more picnic areas, eg Motueka River reserve
  • Continue a systematic upgrade and add new footpaths within the Ward
  • Develop improved policies around climate change and its effect on urban growth
  • Improve the "Thorp's Bush" area and investigate the possibility of this having a change of status to become fully protected
  • Develop clearer policy around affordable housing models for Motueka
  • Develop clearer guidelines/options around sustainable housing and self sufficiency, including power, sewage disposal, food and water collection/storage
  • Possible development options around the Motueka wharf, marina and entranceway to Motueka
  • Continue with the increased "green spaces" currently being developed in the Ward and see more plantings and eco orchards.


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