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Local action urged on footpaths and cycleways

April 7th, 2013
[by David Armstrong]

The apparent lack of development work by Council on Motueka's footpaths and cycleways has prompted a proposal for a citizens' advisory group to be formed to plan a development and maintenance programme.

In his report to the Motueka Community Board's April meeting, to be held this Tuesday, chairman David Ogilvie will recommend that a "Pathways Advisory Group" be created.

He says it would be "a consultative group of volunteers representing cyclists, walkers, students and community groups advising the Community Board and the District Council of the capital and maintenance requirements for Motueka's paths".

Along with other board members and members of the public, David has been a strong critic of the work done on these paths in Motueka compared with other areas and Richmond in particular. He has observed that the Council's Long Term Plan has very few references to any pathway development work in and around the town.

"Over recent months there have been serious questions raised regarding footpaths and cycleways in Motueka," David says in his report. "These have come from residents keen to see marked improvements in all aspects of our footpaths and cycleways."

He suggests that as a first step towards this general objective, a Pathways Advisory Group would aim to "investigate routes and links to encourage walkers and cyclists getting to work or school and to provide increased options for recreational cyclists and walkers".

This would involve a programme of capital expenditure for new footpaths, new cycleways and roading linkages, as well as maintenance of existing paths and cycleways.

He suggests the Pathways Programme would be a three-year or five-year programme with the first six months requiring investigation concluding with a report to the Community Board and the District Council.

Construction would start soon after, if funding was available. Alternatively it would start from July 1st 2014 as part of the 2014-15 Annual Plan.

"I envisage a group of nine including a member from each of Keep Motueka Beautiful Committee, Motueka Arts Council, Motueka Community Board, two senior High School students and four interested residents," David suggests.

The group would select their own chair and secretary and meet monthly. They would aim for a report on priorities at the conclusion of six months, in time for the Community Board's December 10th meeting.

Update: April 10th
The resolution to set up the Pathways Advisory Group was voted down by the Community Board yesterday. Board member Cliff Satherley said it would be "just another committee" and the Council was already doing a fine job maintaining the roads and footpaths. Cr Jack Inglis agreed, and Cr Eileen Wilkins said that there was no real point if there was no budget available for new footpaths in the next three years.


Comment by Harald Laarakker:
[Posted 15 April 2013]

Looks like they want to kill someone!!!! Safe passage for our children please. Not fast passage for speeding trucks and our beloved cars! It's a matter of when not IF something bad will happen! 11A & 11B Marchwood Park Road, Queen Victoria Street, Motueka North & South and Lower Moutere.

Diminish the Urban Traffic Area by revoking the 50kph speed limit applying to Marchwood Park Road and Queen Victoria Street extending from a point 50 metres north of College Street in a northerly direction to a point 10metres north of Marchwood Park Road intersection. And put in place a 70kph speed limit enclosing Marchwood Park Road and the said portion of Queen Victoria Street.

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