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Group to investigate restoring old wharf

December 10th, 2014
[by David Armstrong]

Hopes of restoring the dilapidated historic Motueka Wharf Quay have nudged forward with the proposed formation of a group of interested parties to advance the project.

At the final meeting for the year of the Motueka Community Board yesterday, chairman Paul Hawkes said he will assemble a team of people in February to look at the finances available, the fullness of the task at hand, and how to generate more interest in the restoration work.

Groups expected to take part obviously include the Historical Association, which has been lobbying for progress for some years, and Keep Motueka Beautiful. Several individuals who have a passionate connection with the area are also expected to join.

Also needing restoration is the Tarrant Memorial which sits on land beside the quay. (See our earlier story.)

The old wharf was once the centre of trade for the new township, with commercial buildings on the wharf and nearby on the quay. Now the platform is eroding rapidly and becoming a safety hazard.

Almost $50,000 for some time has been earmarked for restoration work, but it is known that this sum would not even cover the cost of getting resource consents.

"Council has washed its hands of the old wharf," Paul said at yesterday's meeting. "It's up to the community to come up with a solution to restore the whole area around the quay."

Special Projects
The results of the survey conducted by the Community Board via The Guardian and Motueka Online were announced, with a surprisingly small number of people taking part being the main highlight.

Only 31 people cut out the Guardian form and sent it in, while 34 provided their preferences via this website.

The Community Board is not bound to select the top-voting projects, though they will take close note of them. The most votes went to painting cycle lanes along Pah Street, Grey Street and Whakarewa Street.

Other highly placed projects included constructing a shared walking/cycling path between Talbot and Manoy streets, subsidising rubbish collections, a drinking fountain in High Street, and helping with Cycle Trail signage.

The Janie Seddon shipwreck

In the pre-meeting public forum, two people provided their opinions on whether the rusting ship hull should go or stay, one on each side of the argument.

Within the meeting agenda, the Board agreed to take no further action on the matter, although it is still awaiting a legal opinion as to who is responsible for the wreck.


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