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How would you like $30,000 spent in Motueka?

November 3rd, 2014

It's time for Motueka ward residents and ratepayers to tell their community board how they would like the $30,000 accumulated targeted rate to be spent on local special projects for the 2014-15 year.

A voting-style survey is being published at present in the Guardian newspaper and is available now on Motueka Online (see below), asking you to indicate your preferences on projects from a suggested list of 11.

This list was built from ideas by board members and some suggestions made by residents. Using the results of the survey as guidance, board members will chose the projects up to a total of $25,000.

The last few years' Special Projects fund were used to great effect, and have been widely acknowledged as an effective way of getting local projects done through the $5 a year targeted rate.

Community Board chairman Paul Hawkes points out that many of the projects this year are Council responsibility, but TDC has deemed them a lower priority, and the board believes they are of significantly higher priority for Motueka residents.

The Board wants responses from residents by Friday December 5th, and hopes as many respondents as possible make the small effort to either cut the advertisement from one of the papers and fill it out, or download and fill in the equivalent on this website (see below). But please, only one response per person.

The list of projects is:

  1. Contribute to the Litter Cart collection for central Motueka (2 hours daily, for 4 days per week in the business area between Woodlands Avenue to Poole Street). $5000.
  2. Provide lighting for the "Motueka" sign at the southern entry (Rest a While) into Motueka.
  3. Contribute to the construction of a shared pathway / cycle way linking Talbot Street to Manoy Street.
  4. Construct / upgrade pram crossings for mobility scooters (Five to be considered). $5000.
  5. Repair the perimeter netting at the Riwaka Tennis courts, the umpire stands, entry gates, seats and miscellaneous items. $5000.
  6. Erect a drinking fountain sited in High Street / Wallace Street.
  7. Fund a twice-a-year collection of heavy or large rubbish items (e.g. furniture, refrigerators, stoves, greenery).
  8. Contribute to the maintenance and parking markings for the Whitwells car park, acknowledging its use as a public car park.
  9. Construct a pathway on the northern side of Wallace Street, alongside Kiyosato Gardens, connecting the existing pathway at the bus stop to Wilkinson Street.
  10. Contribute to Nelson Tasman Cycle Trails Trust for supply and erection of cycleway information signage to promote Motueka township and its immediate environs. $5000.
  11. Road-mark cycle lanes along Pah Street, Grey Street and Whakarewa Street to provide safer cycling for pupils of Parklands Primary and Motueka High Schools.

Printed and completed copies of the questionnaire can be handed in or posted to the Motueka Service Centre, Hickmott Place. Online versions of the form can be emailed to Motueka Online, following these instructions:

The online voting form is a short Microsoft Word document, which you can download by clicking here.

[If you cannot open that file, try this PDF version which you can print and post/hand in but not email in return, except by scanning it and attaching the result.]

You can do one of three things with this document:

  1. For either Word or PDF version, print it, fill it out manually (write 'Y' or a tick for your top 4 choices), and hand it in or post it to the Motueka Service Centre, Hickmott Place,
  2. For either Word or PDF version, print it, fill it out manually (write 'Y' or a tick for your top 4 choices), and scan it into your computer, then email it as an attachment to the address below, or (easier and better)
  3. Save the Word verions on your computer, then open it, fill it out (type 'Y' for your top 4 choices) on the computer, save it again, then send it as an attachment to this email address:


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