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State of Motueka's streets again questioned

November 6th, 2011

The standard of Motueka's streets continues to annoy residents, and the Community Board will consider a recommendation to either improve the maintenance or reconstruct some of the worst maintained streets.

Board chairman David Ogilvie says one of the most frequent comments he receives from residents is to do with "the poor standard of our streets and roads – the surface is rutted, edges are broken, potholes are frequent and corners are rough".

In his report to the monthly board meeting, to be held on Tuesday he also says "The Riwaka to Kaiteriteri Road must be the worst in Tasman District, allowing for the population it serves in Tapu Bay, Stephens Bay and Kaiteriteri (2006 census of 1,482) as well as it being a major tourist route for the District. An upgrade has been programmed since 1999 but not acted on."

Part of his recommendations to the board is that they request TDC's Transportation Manager Gary Clark to provide a timetable for the upgrade of the Riwaka to Kaiteriteri Road.

He says that in Motueka, the street most mentioned needing upgrading is Parker Street. "Pah Street, Poole Street, Atkins Street and Whakarewa Street also have lengthy sections where the surface has deteriorated and where significant maintenance is required.

"Streets east of High Street seem better, although sections of Tudor Street and Greenwood Street are rough. Along Motueka Quay, some wide, smooth ramps would remove the “abrupt” surface caused by the tree roots.

"Some corners require repair, including Queen Victoria Street intersecting with Whakarewa Street and with Pah Street, Wilkinson Street intersecting with Greenwood Street.

He notes that none of the streets mentioned have problems caused by the wastewater pipes renewal programme. "This leads to a separate issue of surface roughness, but is generally accepted. Overall, the contractors have resurfaced these streets quite well."

David says there appears to have been an “under spend” on Motueka streets and roads surfaces in recent years. "Improved maintenance is now urgent, to obtain the best result for the life of our roads and streets. Or perhaps they are reaching the stage where a complete reconstruction is needed?"


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