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Time to choose Motueka's special project list

July 12th, 2012
[by David Armstrong]

If you have an idea for an improvement in the Motueka ward's facilities that would cost up to $10,000, now is the time to lobby your Community Board member as the board begins the decision process to spend its "Special Projects" budget.

The board has agreed on a process which will allow about three or four small development projects to be chosen by themselves guided by a community survey, and constructed using the funds from the targeted rate for this purpose.

The Special Project targeted rate was built into council rates last year, allowing the community board to use its authority to spend the resulting fund to build selected projects as chosen by the community. (See our story from last year.)

Last year the board's surplus for the previous year was added to the $25,000 raised by the rate and spent (or earmarked) as follows: $7500 for extra mobile scooter / pram crossings; $12,000 for a path along Queen Victoria Street from Whakarewa Street; $5316 for an extra security cameras; and $12,000 for the upgrade to the footpath along High Street South toward Toad Hall.

Although the decision process was rather erratic last year, due to it being new and having a tight timeframe, this year the board has decided on a process which should see sound decisions being made by the start of summer.

The precise amount available has not been determined. The budgeted figure is $22,304 but it is expected that some of the board's 2011 - 12 surplus will be added and this has yet to be finalised.

1.  First, the four elected board members (that is, not including the three appointed members who are the ward councillors) will come up with their own lists Special Projects based on the following criteria:

  • Items planned by the Tasman District Council in the three years will not be included.
  • Some projects outside Motueka township to be included.
  • Maximum of any project to be $10,000 (plus GST).

2.  These items will be roughly costed by their proposers (to the nearest $1,000). They will be submitted by 31st July ready for the board to consider at the 14th August board meeting. So if readers have any suggestions of their own, they should contact a board member by the end of this month.

3.  The board at that meeting will choose up to 12 items for community consideration and voting. Board members will then take another month to further refine the cost estimates, and the final list will be decided at the September 11th board meeting.

4.  The list will then be published as a survey/questionnaire, in the local newspapers and on Motueka Online, with their cost estimates so that the community can consider the costs and benefits of each item.

5.  The results will be made public and the board will consider the results and decide on the projects. The board will be guided by the voting, but may not necessarily pick the "winners" in their precise order as they will have to balance out the types and locations of projects.

6.  The final board decision on the chosen projects will be ratified at the 9th October meeting. Tenders will be called for the projects if required, and the board will aim to accept the tenders at the 11th December meeting.


Comment by Mark Scales:
[Posted 15 July 2012]

Motueka needs a "Big Public Notice Board". Located on High Street. One that can be viewed without having to go into or up to a building. It could be cylindrical in shape or it could be like a billboard. It should be completely open to the elements and available at anytime for anyone to put notices up. No rules about what can go up, no rules about who can put it up. Just like the internet...completely democratic.

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