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Challenge put to local body politicians in election year

February 8th, 2013

Local politicians are being challenged to work together this year to achieve positive results for the people who elected them to their positions on Council and the Motueka Community Board.

With just eight months remaining before the next local body elections and after a lengthy break, community board chairman David Ogilvie says that wide-ranging public concerns on various issues need to be tackled before this term of office ends.

In his report to the community board meeting to be held next Tuesday, David says he is declaring it 'The Year of Now!'. "Do it now. Donít wait. Put an end to delays, deferment and procrastination," his report says.

"During the period since our December 2012 meeting, Iíve become aware of a frustration by many residents, both with the Community Board and the District Council," he says.

Locally we have Grey Power, RSA, Vision Motueka, and the Motueka Residents Group as community organisations who express a concern at what the Community Board members and Councillors are contributing to the progress and benefit of the Motueka Ward. This concern is being expressed by individuals also, and not only by community organisations."

He acknowledges that elected representatives wonít please everybody all the time, and moreover, whatever the project or proposal there will be some who are critical and in opposition. "Thatís life and people, but the degree of frustration, disappointment and even anger is a worry as to how to tackle it."

David says the issues of public concern are wide-ranging, and include the Motueka River, state of footpaths, library, swimming pool, cost and time involved in resource consents and building permits, Kaiteriteri Road, the Warehouse pedestrian crossing.

"There are appropriate, responsible and correct responses to all these matters (and many minor matters) but the responses given frequently only increases the frustration of the resident commenting or questioning.

"There is approximately 25% of our term of office remaining Ė eight to nine months to work together to achieve positive results for the people who elected us to these positions."

The Role of Community Boards as prescribed in the Act are:

  1. To represent and act as an advocate for the interests of its community;
  2. To consider and report on all matters referred to it by the territorial authority, or any matter of interest or concern to the community board;
  3. To maintain an overview of services provided by the territorial authority within the community;
  4. To prepare an annual submission to the territorial authority for expenditure within the community;
  5. To communicate with community organisations and special interest groups within the community;
  6. Undertake any other responsibilities that are delegated to it by the territorial authority.

"The projects and activities that the Community Board is involved in are both considerable and significant," David says. "Twenty thirteen can become a year when, as a Board, we maximise the opportunities that arise."


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