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Small projects budget allocated by Community Board

August 10th, 2011
[by David Armstrong]

A reinstated litter cart and the sealing of a popular walkway were the two leading contenders for spending by the Community Board of the proceeds of its targeted rate total of $25,000, according to the recently circulated questionnaire.

The questionnaire, which was publicised principally in an article on this website, asked for residents to rank their preferred four projects to be completed which were not otherwise figuring on TDC's current works list. It was published in the Motueka Golden Bay News and Motueka Online.

The tallied results were tabled at yesterday's board meeting. In an unexpectedly low response, 47 people gave their choices, 28 from the newspaper and 19 from this website. The results will be considered by board members at a meeting on August 16th, and then a final recommendation put to the vote at the next public board meeting on September 13th.

The top 10 projects as voted were:

1. Litter collection jointly funded with Our Town Motueka and Keep Motueka Beautiful (34 votes).
2. Seal the walkway between the Recreation Centre and Thorps Bush, alongside the Woodlands Drain (34).
3. Five pram crossings in central areas of Motueka for mobility scooters (23).
4. A shared footpath/cycleway along Thorp Street from Fearon to Staples streets (18).
5. Permanent raised bed materials for the Motueka Community Gardens (14).
6. Shared footpath/cycleway along Staples Street from Thorp to High streets (12).
7. A large mural (7).
8. Car parking bays in Whitwells car park (6).
9. Publish a cycling booklet on Motueka area's recreational, road and mountainbike rides (6).
10. Footpath extension along Martin's Farm Road, Kaiteriteri (4).

About a dozen "further suggestions" were registered, including new and improved specific footpaths, drinking fountains, pedestrian traffic islands, and security cameras.

As a result, the board next week will decide on the recommendation:

  1. That $15,000 from the Community Board's 2010 - 2011 surplus be added to the $25,000 (approx) raised by the Community Board rate (making a total spend of about $40,000).
  2. That $7,500 be allocated towards a litter collection from September 1st 2010 and to June 30th, 2012. (Note, this would cover 10 hours a week at $15 per hour for 45 weeks and allow $750 for other costs. Our Town Motueka and Keep Motueka Beautiful would fund-raise for their share, to raise amount to $10,000.)
  3. That $17,500 be allocated towards a 2.5m wide sealed walkway/cycleway from Old Wharf Road to Thorps Bush alongside the Woodlands Drain. (Note, $12,500 of extra costs to come from Community Services who would manage the project in association with the community board.)
  4. That $5,000 be allocated towards constructing three pram crossings/mobile scooter crossings in the central area of Motueka.
  5. That $10,000 be allocated towards constructing kerb and channel along Hursthouse Street from Main Road, Lower Moutere west for approximately 300m.

Although item 5 received only one vote, it was included because it was felt important to provide for a project outside the Motueka township.


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