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Community board lists its preferred delegated powers

August 11th, 2011
[by David Armstrong]

The Motueka Community Board has prepared a list of delegations it would like to see implemented under either the current Tasman District Council or an amalgamated Nelson-Tasman District Council.

The list was presented to the TDC full council meeting yesterday, following a request in July by TDC's CEO Paul Wylie to support council's new policy of allowing delegations (things which the council normally does but which are to be delegated to community boards) to Motueka and Golden Bay for a six-month trial period.

The community board briefly debated its response to Mr Wylie at its Tuesday meeting, and agreed to the following proposal, which should be read with this original proposed schedule.

1. Schedule of Delegations proposed by the Local Government Commission in the Draft Reorganisation Scheme. Note: these were approved “in principle” by the Council at its 30 June 2011 meeting. These were supported by the Community Board at its 12 July 2011 meeting.

2. Further Delegations suggested by Council staff (Report RCN11-06-18) Oversee the community market in Motueka … the Community Board could be empowered to retain any profits, and to use those profits for community purposes within their ward. Note: Sunday market pays TDC a minimum of $85 per week and a maximum of 20% of stall fees.

3. Amendments and Additional Delegations Sought:

  • Amend the wording on the Schedule (2) (d) (e) by deleting the phrases: “make recommendations to the Council on” and replacing it with the single word “Approve”.

  • Review, and amend Motueka Ward Reserve Management Plans for parks and reserves under the Reserves Act and the Local Government Act. Reserve Management Plans to be reviewed every 10 years.

  • (a) Approve the allocation of funds for projects and community groups from the Motueka Reserve Financial Contributions.
     (b) The authority to manage the expenditure of those funds within the approved allocations.

4. To approve the design of landscape plans on parks and reserves and roads provided the design is within the District Council’s policy.

5. The power to make decisions as to alterations and / or additions to any building, fence or structure, or construction of the same, on any reserve land owned or leased by the Council, within the Ward.

6. The power to make decisions as to new footpaths, cycle lanes, “shared pathways”, and pram / mobile scooter crossings, within the ward.

7. The power to make decisions as to kerb and channel works within the ward. The Community Board to prepare a 3 year programme for these works following public consultation. The District Council to provide funding of $100,000 annually for these works. The programme to be managed by the Community Board.

8. The power to make decisions on reticulation of the domestic Motueka Water supply. To approve the operation of the Motueka Water Account as a separate account from any District Water Accounts.

It is also of interest that the Golden Bay Community Board has also prepared a document outlining its preferred governance role and delegations, which was tabled at the Motueka meeting. It is far more detailed, suggesting a great deal of specific thought has gone into it. You can read it here.

Discretionary funds:

The community board approved two applications for discretionary funding. Skydive Abel Tasman asked for $500 to help fund a large public fireworks display on Friday 19th August at 6pm, which will be part of the annual Good Vibes skydiving event. And Motueka Community Care will receive $440 to provide afternoon tea, entertainment and transport for isolated older people on August 21st.

Flood control report:

Two TDC managers addressed the board about their latest report to council about the upgrading of the Motueka River stopbanks. Following public consultation, they had narrowed the five options down to three - rebuilding, refurbishment or doing nothing - and reported that the expected costs have been revised significantly downward. (See also this report in the Nelson Mail.)

TDC transportation manager Gary Clark said the savings came from not rebuilding the banks protecting Peach Island and from a general better understanding of the engineering required. The banks to be upgraded extend from the end of Peach Island to below the bridge on the eastern (town) side, and from Blue Gum Corner to below the bridge on the west bank.

Gary spent some time explaining the engineering limitations of any approach that relies on gravel extraction or shifting gravel from banks to river holes or to top stopbanks.

Public meetings will be held on August 23rd and 25th to discuss the options and hear what residents think. Increases in rates that are needed to pay for the upgrade are now being refined for each option.

Payment for water supply upgrades:

Council's utilities asset manager Jeff Cuthbertson spoke to his report to the community board, recommending that the inclusion of the Motueka water supply area into the Urban Water Club be included in the Draft 2012 Long Term Plan. This has been considered and approved by the Engineering Services Committee to be included in the Ten Year Plan following consideration by the Community Board.

At present the Motueka water supply has its own separate closed budget. Upgrades and maintenance of the system are paid for from that account with no contribution from other parts of the district. Motueka users also do not pay for water work in other parts of the district.

If Motueka joined the Tasman district's Urban Water Club, it would receive financial help from the club when needed, but would also contribute to other outside water projects such as the Tasman coastal water pipe and the Lee Valley dam.

Board members complained that, despite requests for details, they had received no information yet on the state of our water account and other facts which would be needed before making a decision, and that they would need to consult with residents before deciding to join the Urban Water Club. Jeff Cuthbertson said that the recommendation referred only to putting the proposal into the long term plan for later decision making, but the board decided to defer any decision until facts were forthcoming.


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