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CBD security camera upgrade under way

September 17th, 2015
[by David Armstrong]

The first four of 20 high-quality security cameras have been installed in Motueka's central business district, and are already achieving great results.

The project, to upgrade and extend the security camera system, is being driven by local policeman, Constable Grant Heney. He has already obtained from several businesses and benefactors about three-quarters of the $20,000 total price tag.

The Motueka Community Board on Tuesday agreed to consider providing up to $5,000 from its "special projects" fund to make up the shortfall, upon formal request by Constable Heney.

The first four cameras are already providing high definition images within a range of up to 50 metres, sufficient for the use of face recognition and numberplate recognition technology.

Tourist signs for High Street
Another project being considered by the community board and possibly funded from its "special projects" pool will address a long-felt need to install a uniform set of directional signs along High Street from the roundabout to Staples Street.

Board member David Ogilvie has investigated and consulted with several organisations, and presented to the board a list of signs and where along High Street they should be located.

These include directions to the marina and saltwater baths, St John Ambulance, Marchwood Park, the Recreation Centre, skate park, Sports Park, the golf course, Kiyosato Garden, Motueka sandspit and many other features and amenities.

The board decided to refer the list to TDC's Engineering Services Department for consideration and action. Because High Street is a state highway, NZ Transport Agency (NZTA) will also most likely need to be involved.

Improvements to High Street traffic
The role of the community board in advocating for changes to High Street, including pedestrian crossings, traffic lights, roundabouts and widening the river bridge, was again debated robustly at Tuesday's meeting.

David Ogilvie argued that the community board should have direct contact with the road's owner NZTA, rather than relying on our three Ward councillors to represent the wishes of the town at meetings between NZTA and TDC.

Others said that it was important for NZTA to be receiving a single message from TDC, and that the community board should work through its Ward councillors to achieve this.

The board resolved to thrash this out with elected councillors and senior Council staff at a community board meeting before the end of the year, to ensure that the board's wishes are being heard and respected.


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