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TDC's Rural Land Use Draft Plan
[Posted: February 27th, 2015 by Cr. Martin Bouillir]
Around 80 people attended the Takaka public consultation meeting this week for the Rural Land Use Draft Plan issue. It was a good meeting with amicable discussion which reinforced once again that the most submitted on aspect of this plan hasn't really been addressed.
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Waimea community dam
[Posted: December 18th 2014 by Cr Martine Bouillir]
After reading 800 submissions and attending 6 days of hearings, it is clear to me that the majority of Tasman submitters do not want the Waimea Dam. The whole process has been rushed, put forward at a bad time of year and now another proposal is suddenly before us.
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Festival of Lights
[Posted: July 13th 2014 by William Cleaver]
The Festival of Lights in Nelson was over one weekend in one site. I suggested same thing for Motueka in Decks Reserve. The Nelson Festival of Lights made the News and Campbell Live.
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A solution to the library problems
[Posted: December 7th 2013 by William Cleaver]
Went to the library after work yesterday. You know, that place where they store information on paper. Nice place the library if it wasn't for High School students doing every thing but reading books.
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Finding budget accommodation for beneficiaries
[Posted: September 9th 2013 by Anne Marie Cleaver]
I have been trying to find Budget accommodation for my son, who is on a benefit. .... It seems to me that nobody wants to know you if you're a student or if your a local. ..... as soon as you say the word "Benefit" they run. .... What does it take to get a to get a roof over your head?
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Animal testing for legal highs
[Posted: July 24th 2013 by Terri Everett]
There is a lot of activity across NZ gathering interest in a march (National DOG Walk) in protest against Animal testing for legal highs. Not only is this unexceptable from animal cruelty but totally unexceptable as far as education to our young people.
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Paying for the new crossing near The Warehouse
[Posted: May 10th 2013 by David Armstrong]
Most of us are glad to hear a traffic refuge island will be built in High Street between The Warehouse and New World, making it safer and easier to cross there. It's been a huge worry for many people for so long.
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The closure of Resurgence Arts
[Posted: May 8th 2013 by William Cleaver]
New Zealand does well at Badminton but back in Motueka this horse is getting another flogging. Motueka's newest and largest Art Gallery and community free-display zone just closed down.
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Earthquake risks at Golden Bay High School
[Posted: September 7th, 2012 by William Cleaver]
In 1974 myself and numerous other students went in cavalcade to Takaka to take on the might of the Golden Bay High School in inter school sports.
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The disappearance of road markings
[Posted: August 17th, 2012 by William Cleaver]
The TDC are determined to lose the popularity stakes once again. It was drawn to my attention that they are removing road-side markers and no longer painting fog lines and centre lines.
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Action needed to stop deep-sea oil drilling
[Begun: July 29th, 2012 by Joanna Santa Barbara]
On 4 August 2012 Kiwis will kick off the second international day of action against offshore oil drilling. Like last year, when 420 people stood united against deep-sea oil drilling in our region alone, events again are being coordinated across the Top of the South.
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What does a 'sustainable' Motueka mean?
[Begun: July 25th, 2012 by David Armstrong]
The Vision Motueka group comprises environmental specialists as well as business people and people whose passion lies in social services, health and cultural aspects. Our mission statement uses the word "sustainable". What does sustainability mean for Motueka's environment, business and cultural life?
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Newsline still valued by those outside the district
[Begun: July 8th, 2012 by Nigel Isaacs]
I was a little surprised to read in TDC 'Newsline' 29 June 2012 hiding in the 'Public Notices" that Newsline will no longer be posted to out of District ratepayers. Is any consideration being given to a e-mail list for Newsline? Alternatively an rss feed for the latest issue?
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Should not sell state assets that produce good returns
[Begun: June 5th, 2012 by Ian Miller]
I disagree agree with the sale of state owned assets that produce a good return. Also some activities are so important to the country as a whole that they should be largely left in the hands of SOE's. Power generation, roading, hospitals and rail are such activities.
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Care needed by cyclists on walkways
[Begun: May 29th, 2012 by Linda Beatson]
Some cyclists using the path between Up The Garden Path to the Recreation Centre still don't read the signs asking them to watch out and give way to pedestrians. We have had a few close shaves with our Special Needs students and staff, which is concerning.
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Proposed walkway linking High Street with Manoy/Talbot streets
[Begun: May 28th, 2012 by Ian Miller]
Some planning needs to be done now for the when this Talbot/Manoy Street link is eventually made. Even if a road cannot be completed between the two streets for some time, at least a pedestrian and cycle way should be built now. Unfortunately a new problem has just come to light.
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Responsibilities of central government versus local governments
[Begun: March 19th, 2012 by Ron Nuttall]
Many of the rising costs of Local Government over the past 20 plus years has been caused by changes made by Central Government and the many many previous Central Government (taxpayer) responsibilities that have been past over to the Local Government and are now a cost on the ratepayer.
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Bigger is not always better in local government
[Begun: March 5th, 2012 by Ron Nuttall]
I read in the "Guardian" Damien O'Connor states that, should an Amalgamation of Nelson City and the Tasman district councils take place it would not affect the electorate of West Coast Tasman. I remember in the 90s the murmurs from Wellington of suggestions that in the future central governments electorate boundaries might well be aligned to that of the local government (council) boundaries.
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Some issues about the Tasman District Council
[Begun: February 19th, 2012 by William Cleaver]
Here are some recent Grumpy old men discussions. Our council seem to be hell bent on charging for anything they think they can and frankly I think the rate payers have had enough.
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Danger at Trewavas Street - Everett Street intersection
[Begun: February 18th, 2012]
I am writing to say how dangerous the intersection Of Trewavas Street and Everett Street is, down at Port Motueka. Having just been down there last night and coming back along to the end of Trewavas St I had four large 4 wheel drives drive through without giving way.
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Get prepared for the downfall of capitalism
[Begun: February 4th, 2012]
As you know the Greek economy has more or less stalled, and they are at the moment negotiating more and more drastic "haircuts" to the money they will have to pay back to international lenders. They desperately need new money to keep the show on the road for a few weeks longer, but Germany and others demand more Greek Govt cuts first.
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Stop the Council
[Begun: February 2nd, 2012 by William Cleaver]
I write in support for Mr Kent Vickerman and his recent article in the Motueka News. It appears that the ratepayers have had enough and are now doing something about it. A petition is being circulated to have rates capped. Good on you but I suggest what numerous customers have suggested is to stop paying rates altogether.
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Council wastage on road marking rather than road/footpath maintenance
[Begun: November 22nd, 2011]
We were dismayed to see the notice in the 18 November Newsline that "Council is planning to improve parking in High Street Motueka by marking individual parks".
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Is there really doom and gloom in Motueka's economy?
[Begun: August 25th, 2011]
Mr Riley, chairman of the promotions committee for business booster group Our Town Motueka, managed to portray the view that most businesses are hanging on by the skin of their teeth. If ever people needed a reason to stay and shop in Nelson or Richmond, Mr Riley provided it.
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Where are Motueka's next generation of community leaders?
[Posted: July 29th, 2011]
Where are Motueka's up and coming movers and shakers? Where are the 30- to 45-year olds who want to build on the efforts of the previous generation and create and drive new visions for Motueka as a more attractive, progressive town and community?
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Supporting local businesses is in my own best interests
[Begun: July 21st, 2011]
Every time I choose to buy in Nelson or on the internet when I could have bought the same or similar in Motueka, I make it harder for a local businesses to survive, so the less likely that business is to be around when I need them.
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Motueka High School's 2011 production
[Begun: July 11th, 2011]
Congratulations to all who were part of Motueka High School's live theatre production of "Nightmare on Grey Street".
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Closure of the Bus Stop Cafe
[Begun: June 27th, 2011]
Yes another business has had to close its doors because of undue pressure and inconsistent and inconsiderate requirements applied to them simply to operate. The Bus Stop Cafe in Riwaka is OUT OF SERVICE.
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Amalgamation or not: What do we think?
[Posted: June 22nd, 2011]
Motueka people have a big decision to make this year - to approve, reject or submit modifications on an amalgamation of Nelson City and Tasman District into one Nelson-Tasman District, based on a reorganisation plan recommended by the Local Government Commission (LGC).
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'Best Town' as a photographic record
[Begun: May 30th, 2011]
Has the spending of the "Best Town in NZ" fund been spent yet? As I perused through the Motueka Online photo gallery I thought, why not a book showcasing what Motueka has too offer in a photographic manner?
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Is Tasman District Council a weak council?
[Begun: May 27th, 2011]
Is Tasman District Council one of those councils the Minister of Local Government, Rodney Hide MP, has identified as weak (Nelson Mail of May 26th)?
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The Coastal Pipeline and Motueka's water
[Begun: May 27th, 2011]
Why does Tasman District Council want to pipe water all the way from the Motueka aquifer to Mapua via an expensive Coastal Pipeline, when there is adequate water available much closer to Mapua in the Tasman/Marriages Rd area?
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Are Motueka people apathetic about their town's future?
[Posted: April 18th, 2011]
It would seem that Motueka residents are an apathetic bunch when it comes to having their say about the future of key elements of the town. Over the past few months meetings hosted by the Community Board, Tasman District Council, planning consultants and even groups like Grey Power have been so poorly attended that you would think residents are either not interested in how Motueka grows into the future, or would prefer to complain about decision making in private.
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Cancellation of the Festival of Lights
[Posted: April 18th, 2011]
The initial news item, that even though the Festival was cancelled for 2011 the photographic competition would proceed, quickly led to discussion about why the festival was called off and who should be doing what about it.
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Fruit and vegies for sale - Please Don't Squeeze!
[Begun: March 23rd, 2011]
I find it frustrating to see people particually in the supermarkets squeezing the produce. I watched a lady squeeze 14 dark Advocados one day and then not buy any.
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Noise control (or lack of it) at Motueka Aerodrome
[Begun: February 18th, 2011]
This discussion began after Phil Peters spoke at the public forum before the February meeting of the Community Board. Residents living to the north-east of the airstrip have been subjected to frequent and increasing noise during takeoffs during the past summer. Phil asked, what are the rules of use of the airstrip and who supervises?
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Motueka's Bypass Blues, by Ian Miller
[Posted: December 3rd, 2010]
In 1994 the Motueka bypass seemed to be about to happen. Sixteen years later the bypass is still not in sight with no apparent prospect of it getting built with the next fifteen to 20+ years. According to a Transit New Zealand document "investigation of the (Motueka traffic) problem and practical solutions (to it) began in 1988". By March 1994 Transit New Zealand had decided that the preferred route was via Chamberlain Street.
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Can and do our ward councillors represent Motueka's interests?
[Begun: October 24th, 2010]
This discussion began after the swearing in ceremony of the 2010-2013 Community Board and the suggestion that the three Motueka Ward councillors would become appointed board members. It was emphasised that these councillors must not represent Motueka's interests but rather the best outcomes for the whole Tasman district.
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Ideas sought for local use of waste car tyres
[Posted: October 4th, 2010]
Motueka's Parkes Automotive is undertaking a study for the uses of waste tyres, and is asking for ideas from local residents and businesses to find local solutions to the environmental problem of tyre disposal. Do you have any suggestions?
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Alcohol promotion in New World supermarket
[Posted: September 16th, 2010]
Given the amount of public concern being expressed recently about addressing the social problems caused by excessive use of alcohol in the community, I am very surprised and disappointed that New World continues to place liquor sales so prominently in its supermarket here in Motueka.
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Amalgamation of Nelson with Tasman
[Posted: September 15th, 2010]
I'm opposed to amalgamation and I rest my case on 'high' principles. Making a thing bigger (by amalgamating) is often cited as creating more 'efficiencies'. The point that is missed in all of this is that representative government was never instituted to create efficiencies or improve processes. It is not a business.
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Should the TDC ban preaching outside the Museum?
[Posted: August 27th, 2010]
Recent article in the Motueka news suggests that the TDC is considering the Museum as a no preaching zone. It is suggested before the council goes down that track that they refer to the New Zealand Human Rights act 1990 under section 14.
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Local body elections 2010 - Have your say
[Begun: August 21st, 2010]
We want to help voters' minds focus on the issues, so we have set up this Discussion Forum dedicated to the elections, allowing anyone to write what they think about policies, issues and people involved.
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An indoor pool in Motueka
[Posted: August 12th, 2010]
I would like to find out if Tasman District Council have any plan to build an indoor pool in Motueka? With the growing population in Motueka, it would be really great to have our own indoor pool and it doesn't have to be as big as the Aquatic Centre in Richmond. There are so many therapeutic benefits from swimming or aqua exercises.
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On why we should buy locally
[Posted: July 29th, 2010]
We are firm believers in supporting local and do so in every possible situation we can. But really if what you want is a product of a reasonable standard, why buy from out of the area?
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Motueka Community Garden
[Posted: July 28th, 2010]
We are hosting this forum to enable the community garden project updates to be made public, up to date and widely available, and also to enable any people to express opinions and give suggestions on the policies, planning and operations.
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Festival of Lights - accolades and criticisms
[Posted: June 30th, 2010]
I feel we have to add a comment regarding the festival of lights. All credit has to go to the organisers for the time taken and the events they represented. It's the town of Motueka that falls down on the accolades that could be dished out.
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The state of Motueka's footpaths
[Posted: May 3rd, 2010]
Council funds improvements to our streets by looking at a number of different factors. They use a formula, known as "The Matrix", which is applied to see which projects get what priority. The Community Board have asked repeatedly for "The Matrix" to be properly explained to us. Here are some footpath problems that need high priority addressing.
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Sea level rising at Nelson
[Posted: April 30th, 2010]
The Tasman District Councillors are being issued with contour maps of the Motueka, Mapua/Ruby Bay and Richmond urban areas. The contours lines measuring heights half a metre steps are to provide them with infomation on the possible effect of sea level rise.
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Will roadworks fix High St / Tudor St intersection problem? And is there a problem?
[Beginning from news item posted: March 31st, 2010]
News that the roadwrokers in High Street would be widening the intersection of High Street and Tudor Street and removing seats and four trees in the process is drawing considerable controversy.
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Can't wait to ride my bike into town
[Posted: April 29th, 2010]
Can't wait to ride my bike into town on the new improved cycleway from the Mot bridge to town. May all the tree roots and pot holes be removed and slick ashphalt path the way. Did you know you can ride a bike all the way from Fearon St to Riwaka School and just beyond, only crossing a street twice and in the safety zone of a cycle path?
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Do we need expensive upgrades to the Motueka River stopbanks?
[Posted: March 25th, 2010]
The Tasman District Council's 10-year Plan identified the need for a review of the current flood control measures for Motueka, and in particular the Motueka River, and is asking residents to express their opinions.
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Treatment of our visitors from Vanuatu
[Posted: March 11th, 2010]
It may have been brought to your attention that some, not all, of our visitors from Vanuatu, are not being treated very well. How many of you have seen Leo's letter describing some pretty appalling conditions of overcrowding and poor pay?
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TDC's attitude to Motueka's water supply
[Posted: February 24th, 2010]
I am extremely bothered by last weeks statement by the head of the Engineering Services Chairman about a matter relevant to the Environment and Planning Committee. It is exactly this conflict of interest that the Motueka Community Board is concerned about that is leading us to consider appealing the decision to take more of Motueka's water.
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Regulations for Freedom Campers
[Posted: February 5th, 2010]
I have been involved in discussions with locals in Motueka who have a lot of concerns with small vans and cars camping in a lot of locations where there are no toilet facilities, and I have given the topic a lot of thought and have made up a brochure which I would like the Motueka Community Board and Council to consider.
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Dangerous High Street / Tudor Street intersection
[Posted: February 5th, 2010]
It feels like an accident waiting to happen when I'm waiting in my car to turn right into Tudor Street. There is no room for north-bound traffic up High Street to pass me on the left but I have to wait until the south-bound way is clear to get off the road. The queue builds up behind me. One day ......
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