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Vision Motueka Development Trust

We are a group of Motueka residents with varied backgrounds who are working within our community and with other interested residents to identify and promote ways of making Motueka more vibrant, progressive, sustainable, healthy and resilient into the long-term future, and particularly for our children.

We believe that Motueka has a positive future, and that we have the people, resources and assets in our community and our environment to make it happen - we just need to identify and harness them through strategic planning rather than simply reacting to events.

We believe that caring, thriving and resilient communities like Motueka will be the best places to live as economic and environmental problems increase globally. And we believe that the members of our community are the people best placed to decide on and provide the solutions that make this possible.

The improvements we seek cover the whole of our community, including business/economic, social/health and environmental aspects. Our vision is of a thriving, connected town built on these three pillars.

We seek to work with the District Council and Community Board, and/or any community or special-interest groups where appropriate, to promote and progress projects that fulfill our shared vision for Motueka.

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If you are interested or want further information, contact David Armstrong at 528 4046 or email here.

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