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We are a community school of approximately 600 students serving Motueka township and the surrounding district. Our size is our strength and we pride ourselves in the knowledge that we know all of the students in our school, care about them as individuals and work hard to help them to achieve their goals.

Our Mission is to prepare students for their future by providing a balanced education that encourages the full development of each student within a caring environment and in partnership with the community.

Motueka High School supports a diverse range of nationalities and backgrounds, and is proud to provide a varied and balanced curriculum. The students of Motueka High School enjoy continuing academic success and excel across a broad range of regional and national arts and sporting events.

Individuality is not lost at Motueka High School, and the emotional and behavioural well-being of students is well catered for with our excellent guidance and deans’ network, specialist learning resource centre and pro-active student mentoring programmes. A well-established Whanau class provides a unique, safe and supportive cultural environment that all students are welcome to attend.

Also, in acknowledgement of the school’s favourable position in relation to the regional national parks, the school runs a highly successful and popular outdoor education module for senior students.

We welcome visits from prospective students and their families at any time. Please feel free to contact me through the school for any further information or to arrange a time to meet.

Social Studies

The Year 10 Community Issues class investigates various local issues, one per term, to learn how to conduct scientific social research and to help the Motueka community as a whole to better understand these issues and address them. Community Issues as part of an Enrichment programme along with Careers, Environmental studies etc. Below are links to reports that have been researched since the start of 2009, under the guidance of teacher Bruce Reid.

Movie making at Year 13 Media Studies

Here are YouTube links to short films made by students for the Shortcuts 2010 competitions:

Brother The tale of brothers that go to war. Created by Christta Burrows with help from Emily Stalker and Dylan Phillips. Winner of the Choreography Award at the Shorcuts film competition and Best Editing at Briefs. (7.12)

Creep Up Jack Paranoia and substance abuse makes Jack a freaked out guy... "Creep Up Jack" by Carissa Armstrong. This film won the Judges Award at Shortcuts 2010 and winner of the X-Factor award at Briefs. (5.12)

TIPS - Teen Info Parents Support

THe school has set up a Parent Support Group to help support parents and caregivers through what can be challenging times raising teenagers. View more information here ». Or download the schedule of meeting topics here.

Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Club at Motueka High School is an initiative of Ali Comins, a social worker at the Family Service Centre, who works within the school and saw the need for providing breakfast for any student who would otherwise skip breakfast and operate on an empty stomach until the lunch break. (See photos below.)

Ali says there can be several reasons for students skipping a home breakfast. "Some students aren't hungry when they get up but are once they get to school. Some do sports practice early in the morning and don't have time for breakfast at home. And some who don't have suitable breakfast food available at home," she says.

"It's well known that student performance suffers when the first meal of the day is missed. It's important that they get their day off to a good start."

The service began two years ago and caters for anything between 20 and 100 students each and every day. The food is prepared at the tuck shop and students eat within the shop or outside at tables. One adult, one senior student and two junior students provide the service on a roster. Some students help one or two days a week, but some work every day. Carol Fowler, the school Truancy Officer, has been at Breakfast every day for the last two years and is passionate about the project.

Ali would love to hear from any other adults who would like to offer their time for one morning a week from 8am until 9.15am. "This is a good opportunity for a parent to be part of the school and contribute to that positive link between the students and community," she says. Email Ali at or phone 526 7278 or 02102360959.

The project was triggered by an offer for free Weetbix from Sanitarium and free milk from Fonterra. The most popular meal is toast (courtesy of discounted bread from New World) with jams and other spreads, some of which are prepared by the Home Economics class.

Apart from the donated Weetbix and milk (so far) and discounted bread, the Breakfast Club is funded totally by monetary donations from individuals, the Fifeshire Foundation, and some churches. Some parents also donate jams, spreads and fruit, and Ali would welcome further such donations. It costs around $600 per term to run.

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