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Questions and answers about gardening in Motueka

These pages provide a way for you to ask questions of other Motuekan gardeners, and to give answers to questions to which you know the answers (or can help). You don't have to be an expert - just join in with your own experiences.

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Question 3:  Getting rid of Paspalum in established lawns
Large sections of my lawn have suddenly been taken over with what I'm told is Paspalum weed which spread out and got big while I wasn't looking. I've tried digging them out but with no joy - is there a way of getting rid of it or controlling it without killing the rest of the grass around it? (Herbert P.)

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Question 2:  Autumn a good time to put in new strawberry plants?
I'd like to know if now (early April) is a good time to put in new strawberry plants. I am getting conflicting advice on this. My garden is in Motueka, sandy soil and quite sheltered. (Sandra)

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Question 1:  What is this creature?
This is my first summer gardening in Motueka and I've been "plagued" (well, not really, but they're a real pest) by these insects that look like tiny butterflies or flies with partly transparent wings that have these intricate ribbed patterns. I took this photo of one on our loungeroom window, close up.

These beggers are well housed among my bean crop, and although they don't seem to be eating huge amounts of foliage or any beans themselves, they're a pain when they fly up into my face (and nose!) when I'm trying to pick beans. They also gather on the outsides of most of our house windows (and some get on the insides) and spend their time slowly crawling across the glass.

A friend in Nelson is also being pestered by these critters. My question is, what are they, what damage are they doing, should I be worried, and how do I get rid of them?

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