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Motueka Festival of Lights

The Festival of Lights is a two-week-long event that takes place in June every year in Motueka. The Festival's purpose is to lift the town's spirits in the middle of winter and also to promote Motueka to the surrounding area, so that our community and businesses benefit.

Our signature theme are the lights in the town's main street and shops which delight evening strollers and commuters in the dark of winter.

The Committee is a small but dedicated and enthusiastic band of volunteers. Many community groups now take the opportunity to put on events during the week, which is brilliant as it gives us all a chance to experience and enjoy all the many and multi-talented groups that we have in our community.

The 2010 festival

In 2010 the festival was held over the nine days from Friday 18th to Sunday 27th.
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(The 2011 event did not take place.)