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We welcome any new topics for MotuekaOnline's youth discussion forum. As a general guideline, the article should be about something current that will be of some general interest to a number of Motueka young people, wider than just you and your mates.

Note also that we reserve the right to decline publication of anything containing offensive matter or which may present legal problems (libel, defamation, etc), or is blatant advertising of a private business or venture. We may also edit your contribution if there are serious spelling or grammatical errors. In general, if you are in doubt about the acceptability of your contribution, first check our Rules and Policies.

We may need to confirm that you are a resident of this area, or have a particular interest in the area, so you will need to include contact details for us to get back to you: however, these details will NOT be published.

You may contribute your topic using either the form below, or simply emailing it here (in which case, please make sure you include your name and contact details). Note that we look at the contribution before it is posted - it doesn't automatically go straight on the site.

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