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Lower Moutere School draws its student population from the closely populated rural Moutere Valley and Mariri coastal region, the Lower Moutere settlement, as well as from some families in the Motueka township.

The area has a horticultural, agricultural, forestry, fisheries and tourism economic base with many families engaged directly in these activities and their related servicing. Consequently seasonal factors influence work patterns.

Contact details  

Phone: 03 526 7775,  Fax: 03 526 7082
Absentee Messages: 027 339 8801

Within the community there exist a diverse range of identifiable groups. These include:

  • The well established co-operative community of "Riverside"
  • Established families that have connections with the locality and school for several generations
  • People who pursue alternative lifestyles
  • Orchardists and Farmers
  • Tradespeople and Craftpersons
  • Professional and business people
  • Retired folk
  • Solo parent families
  • Unemployed people
  • Seasonal labourers
  • People who attend the school from outside the local community e.g. from Motueka township.

Although there is a diversity of lifestyles and broad spectrum of socio-economic statuses within the school's catchment area, a positive relationship between the school and community exists.

Our core value is RESPECT:

  • Respect for Self
  • Respect for Others
  • Respect for Authority and Rules
  • Respect for Property
  • Respect for the Environment

Respect is taught in our Health and Social Studies programmes and modelled through all that we do at Lower Moutere School. School-Wide Programmes which reinforce Respect include:-

  • Peer Mediators
  • Human Rights in Education Programme
  • Life Education
  • Keeping Ourselves Safe/DARE/Kia Kaha
  • Values programme

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