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Urban dairy goat development initiative

More and more people are valuing using local, un-processed food sources. What can be more local than having your own milk from your own cow or goat?

This initiative aims to demonstrate and support people (individuals or groups), how to set up a source of local milk. Let's also dispel some mis-conceptions.

Myth 1: 'Milk must be pasteurized'. This was very important in the early 1900s because of TB, but no more. Only pregnant women are strongly adviced to not consume raw milk products.

Myth 2: 'My garden is too small for a goat'. A goat does need company, so one needs to have two, ideally. But with good care and extra feed, it can be done in the (semi-) urban setting.

Come and have a look and a chat! Phnone 528 5436.