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Motueka Mentoring Programme

Mentor was a guy in Greek mythology. While the Odysseus (also known as Ulysses) the hero was off having fabulous adventures, he left his young son in the wise hands of his friend Mentor. Mentor taught the boy all he needed to know - he was a guide, adviser, confidante, father figure and friend.

Mentoring is based on the idea that adult friendship can provide the support a child needs to grow and mature in a positive way. Mentoring works by matching an adult volunteer with a young person. This adult then seeks to become an appropriate role model or mentor for that person.

We need your help. Would you consider spending time with a young person? Do you know someone who would be suitable?

Being a Motueka Mentor involves spending two to three hours each week with the child being mentored, though this is negotiable. We require a minimum commitment of one year, and you need to attend a team meeting of 1½ hours each month. Mentors will not be left to cope on their own - training and ongoing support will be provided.

the things that you would do together may include homework, walks on the beach or in the park, watching the young person play sport, playing sport together, going to movies, helping with using the library computer, talking, woodwork, fishing, baking, painting etc. Basically you will be listening, encouraging and providing guidance and support as the child and then tour works through the issues the child is facing.

As the mentor, you get the satisfaction of knowing that you are making a significant contribution to the life of a young person. You will also be training and gaining new skills, and making new friends.

How to apply

in the first instance, please contact Pamela Hedlund at 528 6969 or 027 298 9646, or email Or you can write to Motueka Mentoring Programme3, c/o of Parklands School, Pah St, Motueka. You will receive an application pack.