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SVS - Living Safe

Building and Maintaining Respectful Relationships

SVS - Living Safe (previously Get Safe Motueka) has been working in the area of delivering education, support and counselling to individuals and groups that ultimately benefit children and the wider family/whanau in Motueka, Mapua, Tapawera and the surrounding district since 1992.

SVS - Living Safe is the ONLY agency in Motueka that has provided this range of services to make families, women and children safer in our community. SVS - Living Safe has the proven experience and expertise to provide a collaborative and coordinated response to family violence. Individuals and families in the community are provided with the support network and the skills to build healthier relationships and deal with conflict more effectively.

The core business of SVS - Living Safe is to work with men and women who are either perpetrators or victims of family violence. SVS - Living Safe also supports at risk youth in the Motueka area. Funding from these services is contracted through the Ministry of Justice, Community Probation Services and Child, Youth and Family. The contracts are regularly audited for their quality of services, evidence of their success, financial and legal accountabilities throughout the organization. Funding for current contracts is secured until 30 June 2011.

We work towards making our community a healthier and safer place. Services provided are:

  • For Women:
    • Family/Whanau Support - Providing support, information and education to women experiencing or affected by domestic violence.
    • Counselling - We offer a short term counselling service for women who are experiencing or have been affected by domestic violence in their lives.
    • Women's Exploring Anger Programmes - Looking at ways to gain skills and tools to express healthy emotions. An educational programme designed for women having difficulty expressing their anger.
    • Women's Education Programmes - An educational programme raising awareness around violence and abuse. Designed to empower women and their children to keep safe from violence and controlling behaviours.
  • For Men:
    • Living Without Violence - An educational programme supporting men to make changes to their attitudes and behaviours, to relate to others in a manner that demonstrates respect, support and equality. To assist in creating loving supportive relationships.
    • Counselling - We offer a short term counselling service for men who are experiencing or have been affected by domestic violence in their lives.
  • For Youth:
    • Youth services - Supporting young people from the Motueka region to realise their potential. Group programmes and individual support for young people and their families.

Most services are free, but some incur a small cost. All our services are confidential.

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Contact us:

In Motueka, phone: 528 8976
Or call the Nelson Office: 03 548 3850