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Community Shares Motueka

What is Community Shares Motueka?

Community Shares Motueka is a money-free way of trading skills within a community. Instead of dollars, credits known as 'Talents' or 'Hours' are used as payment. You earn credits for goods or services you provide for other members, and then use them to access other goods and services from other members.

Why join Community Shares Motueka?

Community Shares add richness to members' lives. As a concept it brings 'wealth', in the form of friendship, caring for one another, having our needs met from within our own community, getting help with things we can't do and strengthening our local community.

Imagine having your car fixed, your house painted or your hair cut without spending a cent! Also skills that are often taken for granted (especially non market economy skills) like parenting, basic home help and care giving. Friendships form between people of different backgrounds who would not otherwise have met.

The elderly are cared for and the skills they share are valued. Young people earn time, to spend as they wish. The community becomes more inclusive, valuing everyone and their unique contribution. In other areas where local currencies exist, a stronger community has formed around them, especially valuable in times of crisis.

Everyone has something they can contribute to the wellbeing of the whole.

There are two currencies in Community Shares Motueka: 'Hours' and 'Talents'. Hours are based on a timebank system in which everyone's time is equal. No matter what type of work is done, one hour always equals one hour. Every person is equally valued.

Talents are based on Local Exchange Trading Systems in which both goods and services can be traded, with the 'TALENT' being the unit of currency. The value of the product or service is agreed upon by both parties to the transaction.

What can YOU share?

What do YOU enjoy doing? What are your skills? These are the things you could offer to Community Shares. Also, ask other people what sort of help they desire or need. Our coordinator can also help you think of ideas.

Here is a list to get you inspired! Sewing, tutoring, transportation, reading, arts, crafts, food, music, gardening, car or bike repair, home care, computer support, financial guidance, new and used items, cooking, hair and beauty, housekeeping, pet care, fresh produce, massages, photography, meditation, carpentry, dancing, games, events, language help, mentoring, jewellery making, translation, story-telling, respite, babysitting - the list goes on!

And if you like to give your time but do not want to spend your earned Hours or Talents, you can donate them to your neighbour, a community group or the community chest to be used for the common good.

Anyone can join.

How to get started:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Community Shares Motueka
  3. Click 'Join' and then
  4. Become a member and create your personal profile!
  5. When you receive an email from the administrator that your membership has been approved, log in and start listing services you would like to give and/or receive.
  6. Browse or Search for 'Wants' and 'Offers' by other members. Register your own 'Offers' and 'Wants' in the right side column.
  7. Give, receive, and repeat!
  8. Watch the events box for upcoming ways to meet other members of the community.
  9. Browse the Frequently Asked Questions section and feel free to contact the coordinator at any time with questions or concerns.