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Abbeyfield is a not-for-profit organisation providing companionship and an affordable home for older people.

The Abbeyfield method of operation is to promote and establish local community-based and volunteer-led Abbeyfield Societies. They, in turn, create and manage local Abbeyfield Houses providing lonely older people a dignified way of life at a weekly housekeeping charge affordable from state sourced welfare payments or the equivalent.

Got a question? Want to know the cost, or where we have a house, or where we have a project planned? Or where the vacancies are? Can you visit for a look? Call (03) 546 6459 to speak to the General Secretary or email

Or contact the Motueka House via Eileen Wilkins (House Committee Chairperson) or The Housekeeper:
11 Fearon Street
phone (03) 528 4041


Abbeyfield celebrated its 20th year in New Zealand at it's AGM in Christchurch in early July. In his report to the meeting Chairman Peter Smale commented about Abbeyfield’s modest beginnings when Dr Ted Bassett of Wakefield returned from a medical convention in the UK with the Abbeyfield concept, and wondered if he could form a similar organisation here.

Abbeyfield in NZ was born from this, and though the development path has not always been smooth and plain sailing, there are now 11 Abbeyfield houses from Whangarei to Dunedin, and plans for building the next house in Christchurch.

St Francis Way in Nelson was the first house, followed by Masterton. The organisation has been particularly successful in the Nelson region with houses now in Stoke, Tahunanui, Golden Bay, and Motueka. All are full with waiting lists. St Francis Way has just added to the number of suites they can offer, and 12 will become the standard as more houses are built.