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The Mission of the Motueka Community Gardens

These statements are extracts from the Trust Deed.

The mission of the Trust is to provide a charitable service that provides a community food production garden in Motueka for the sustainable production of organic food through time.

Aims:  The trust is established to carry out the following aims:

  • To promote the concept and benefits of community food production gardens with particular reference to the town of Motueka.
  • To establish, operate and manage a community food production garden at one or more locations in and around the town of Motueka.
  • To promote sustainable, organic self-grown food production principles and best practices and encouraged self-sufficiency in local food supplies.
  • To uplift and enhance community nutrition through increased awareness and consumption of self-grown fresh produce grown in the community gardens.
  • To promote, encourage and facilitate the involvement of schools and young members of the community in sustainable organic food production and the benefits of enhanced nutrition through the consumption of self-grown fresh produce, and to facilitate their learning of food to gardening techniques from older generations.
  • To encourage community members with physical and health disabilities to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of being involved in outdoor community gardening activities.
  • To increase awareness of and skills in sustainable, organic food production best practices through appropriate education and skills enhancement programs.
  • To encourage research and experimentation in organic food production models, methods and practices for long-term sustainable community food production gardens.
  • To strive as a community activity for financial, administrative and operational self-sufficiency.
  • To strive to be a model community food production garden on which other such community gardens in New Zealand may be based.