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Payments for Community Board member expenses

With all the current fuss about politicians' use of expense accounts for public and private use (June 2010), we thought it would be worthwhile to show what the rules are for community board members, and who pays for what. These rules were set out at the June 2010 board meeting.

In general, expenses may be claimed for mileage costs incurred in attending community board or council functions, not only in Motueka but also in Golden Bay, Richmond and Nelson. Travel costs within the Motueka award cannot be claimed because this is part of the members' role to be active in the community, and their remuneration allows this.

The total claim limit is $1000 per annum per board member, and $1500 per annum for the chairperson.

Travel costs are against the community board, unless there is a specific request by council for a board member to attend a meeting or function, in which case they are a council cost.

The member must report to the community board, and if necessary to the council, on the purpose, work and actions of the meeting and the implications for the Motueka Community Board, in order to meet the criteria.

The types of functions for which travel expenses may be paid include:

  • site inspections relating to items appearing on community board agendas,
  • attendance at official functions and events of the community board,
  • attendance at meetings of residents, ratepayers or community groups in the capacity of an elected member,
  • attendance at any meeting called by council officers to discuss council business.