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The Food Club

The Food Club was born from the wish of a group of people in the Motueka / Moutere area to cooperatively purchase healthy and wholesome foods and household items, making this available to the community on a membership basis.

We are combining our power to purchase and share bulk and packaged food-related products as well as fresh produce and dairy from our member store in Lower Moutere.

Occasionally members can join in with special buys that are either seasonal (e.g. preserving or storage jars) or just because they are so yummy and having them in stock is not (yet) viable.

The Food Club also offers a platform for local members to offer and/or trade their products and produce to the other members.

In the near future we will be offering informational gatherings with guest speakers on topics that relate to food and healthy living. This may range from cooking classes to community health awareness meetings.

The Food Club member store is currently located at the Riverside Community in Lower Moutere. During opening hours you can also call us at the store on (03) 526 7033, ext 54.

Our Vision

Working cooperatively, we aim to utilize our collective purchasing power and mutual commitment to obtain affordable, healthy and ethically-produced food and household staples by establishing a well-organised, transparent and democratically-run community group, sourcing as many products locally as possible.

As this vision of mutual service unfolds, opportunities for further development of social enterprises, community health and educational initiatives, deepening of nutritional awareness, and cooperation with local growers and producers may emerge.

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