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Motueka has it's own friendly Toastmasters Club. Motueka Toastmasters, founded in 2006, is part of the world-wide Toastmasters network. There are more than 200 Toastmasters clubs in New Zealand.

Toastmasters helps people develop confidence through public speaking and public roles. There are programmes for learning how to speak effectively and also for developing leadership skills, through the medium of roles and responsibilities in the club.

People tend to stay in Toastmasters long enough to become comfortable with the skills they need. Those who really benefit stay at least until they finish their first 10 set speeches, which are done to a development plan provided by Toastmasters. It sets you up with all the essential skills of public speaking. After that, there are many development programmes for special skills, like how to use humour effectively.

The most common reaction of visitors is to be surprised at how enjoyable the Toastmasters experience is. People have the most amazing array of interests and experiences. We hear some truly inspiring stories. It's not surprising that Toastmasters clubs are usually marked by the friendship between members.

The secret of Toastmasters' success as a place to learn and grow is structured project-lead learning and the evaluations which club members carry out. The learning is based on the extensive series of Toastmasters manuals. Club members work their way through the manuals at their own pace and can specialise in any of a wide selection of speaking specialities - from professional speaking to story telling.

Evaluations are at the heart of the Toastmasters experience. Members evaluate each other on their projects, using a supportive process usually referred to as "commend-recommend-commend" - or CRC. These personal reactions to speeches and leadership roles are offered to the whole club as a mutual learning experience. The supportive, non-threatening nature of evaluations has led to Toastmasters being referred to as "the place to fail" - meaning the place where it is positively encouraged to get beyond your comfort zone, make mistakes and learn.

Meeting Times:
1st & 3rd Wednesdays of the month, 7.15pm
St Johns Rooms, Motueka Hospital, Courtney Street, Motueka.

Guests are very welcome to come to a Toastmasters meeting to experience Toastmasters first hand. You'll get to meet some locals, hear some speeches and have a cuppa. There is no obligation to join. You can attend up to three meetings as a guest and of course we always welcome new members.

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Club President: Dave Moloney,

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