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Nelson Bays Trail Riding Club

The great outdoors beckons to horse riders of all codes.

'What a great club we have and how proud we are of it' says Steph Millar, an enthusiastic member of the local Nelson Bays Trail Riding Club.

Trudi Murray moved to the Tasman area from Marlborough where she belonged to a similar club and, there being no Trail Riding Club in our region, she set about forming one. She took on the huge task of contacting property owners in order to get permission to have riders compete on their land.

Trudi 68 marked out the trails on her own and encouraged people to come along and enjoy the experience. She rides three times a week and from small beginnings the club has grown and Trudi has help with the numerous jobs on the day.

Upwards of 60 members of all ages and abilities from Motueka, Ngatimoti, Dovedale, Baton Valley, Tapawera, Glenhope, Richmond and Nelson belong to the club which organises monthly rides for its members. The atmosphere is welcoming and friendly and riders can ride at their own pace and in their own groups.

The more experienced riders assist newcomers and children ride safely and enjoy the experience. Competitive riders vie for prizes and points earned over the season which extends from September through to May.

Arabs are the favourite steed for trail riding due to the fact that their heart rate returns to normal more quickly that other breeds but, so saying, many of the horses on these rides are not Arabs and the bigger, heavier crossbred horses seem to do equally well over the season.

The Club is very grateful to the farmers who graciously move stock and open up gates on their properties in order for the rides to take place. Last season tracks were marked on farms in Golden Downs, Dovedale, Orinoco, Rainey River, Stanley Brook and Sherry River.

Enthusiastic Motueka trail riders Russell and Rose Scott have nothing but praise for the local Club. "Trail riding has been the trigger for Russell and I to gain the confidence to go a step further and join fabulous groups of Kiwis on the South Island Cavalcades. We have ridden on the Kaikoura Starborough Hunt trek, the Otago Goldfields Cavalcade and our favourite ride is the Murchison Trek held on the third weekend in March each year. 'Thought do become things'" says Rose.

$25 individual subscription per year, $35 family + $5 pp @ each ride. Start time 9.30am.
Non-members $15 per ride.

Contact: Phone (03) 543 2396 or email:
For more information on our next ride, check out our Facebook group page: Nelson Bays Trail Riding Club


Latest ride

On 15th September 2013 the Club held an excellent, well attended trail ride through the Tunnicliffe Forest Wai-Iti. The weather was warm and the horses were keen!

Ride Results

1st= Terri & Pepi
1st= Leigh & Laced By the Loot
2nd- Neske & Blue
3rd - Britney & Nevada Red Cloud

1st- Rosemary & Flea
2nd- Nikki & Volvo
3rd= Nick & Tonto
3rd= Jo & Paris

1st- Shannon & Danny
2nd- Wayne & Spider man
3rd- Donna & Milo

1st- Finn & Kilty
2nd- Lynn & Falcon
3rd= Ren & Ali
3rd= Diane & Custer