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Thursday Easy Riders Cycling Group

This social cycling group is aimed at older cyclist or those new to cycling. It is hoped that people thinking of giving cycling a go and looking for someone to cycle with will join in.

The rides are easy and can be tailored to suit your fitness and experience. Phone Ian Miller at 528 8375 for more information or just turn up.

NOTE::   The Thursday Cycling Mob is still peddling their way around the region. Recently, however, we had a bit of a glitch and somehow lost a few names from our email list. If you have stopped getting the weekly email and would like to get them again please also email us so you can be reinstated onto the list.

The Cycling Mob

The Thursday Social Cycling Group has an outing every Thursday if someone can be bothered to organise something - and the weather is good. For we are fair weather cyclists after all. There is nothing hard core about this group.

The group usually meets every Thursday morning and heads off for a ride. We nearly always meet at 9.30am during summer and 10am during winter and mostly meet at the same place - in Decks Reserve behind the Motueka Information Centre building just off Wallace Street.

To join in you can take pot luck and just turn up - or you can contact us via our website (see below). We email everyone on our list every week to let them know what the weeks ride will be.

If we start out of town we will try and arrange a lift for you and your bike if you do not have your own transport.

There are no charges except the reimbursement of vehicle owners who transport bikes and riders when required. And you have to pay for your own caffeine fix if we stop at a cafe.

We try and have two groups when possible - a group of riders of limited fitness and then those capable of riding around 30 km and sometimes more. The pace is easy with plenty of stops - and we wait if you get behind.

If you'd like to come along one Thursday, contact us today by emailing

For more information and to get the feel of what we do, check out our website at

Cycling Around Motueka

The best cycling routes around the Motueka area are the playground for several very social cycling groups. There is the Tuesday group that roams widely around the Motueka Tasman area, usually doing trips of about 40 to 45 kms.

On Wednesday another group cycles more difficult routes of around 50 kms and this group seeks out hills and easier forest tracks. One of their popular rides is over the Marahau Hill or the three saddles - Neudorf Road, Jacobs Ladder and the Rosedale Hill - but they have also ridden to Wakefield via Dovedale, up Takaka Hill and are always ready for a challenge.

Thursdays sees another group venture forth. This group is for older cyclists and those that just want easier shorter rides without hills and always leaves from Decks Reserve just behind the Information Centre Building at 9.30 every Thursday morning. All comers welcome.

All three groups will use vehicles to transport their bikes so they can, at times, cycle around Wakefield, Brightwater, Richmond and Nelson; or further afield.

On Tuesday evenings there is a more competitive group that starts from behind Coppins Cycles and they split into sub groups - very fast, fast and quite fast. If you are interested in joining them, pop into Coppins and find out more.

Otherwise just get out by yourself, or with a buddy, and try a ride around the Moutere or ride to Mapua for a coffee. Marriages Road and Aporo Road make a great circuit and if you start your cycling trip from Motueka it can be great way to fill in a fine Sunday.