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Welcome to Motueka Uniting Parish

St Andrews Methodist/Presbyterian Church
64 High St, Motueka, opposite Inglis Street.

In July 2012, the parish received a directive from the Presbyterian Property Trustees instructing the parish that because of the building's poor seismic strength rating, it had to remain closed until remedial action to make the building safe had been completed. (See the full news story here)

As of September 1st, 2015 the EQ strengthening work was complete and we have returned to having our worship services in the church, after three years of services in the hall. In October we held a special service to celebrate the successful completion of the renovations to our spiritual home. The work was done in keeping with the historical status of the building and with great sympathy to the original design of our forefathers and and we are very pleased with it


Presbyter: Rev. Janet Marsh
Home phone 03 265 7139, Mobile phone 022 077 0900

Parish Clerk: Peter Smale
Home Ph: 03 528 9049


  • Worship services: Rev. Janet Marsh, (03 265 7139, Mobile 022 077 0900), Sunday 9.30am. (Communion services: 1st. Sunday)
  • Stillpoint (meditation)
  • Bible study group: Pat Moses, 528 9802, Tuesday 10.00am
  • Prayer group: Pat Moses, 528 9802, Monday 3.30pm
  • Choir (practice): John & Helen Rimmer, 527 8591, Sunday 11.15am
  • House groups:
    - Mrs Jennie Askew, 528 7309, monthly
    - Richard Hayward, 528 6496, monthly
    - Mr David Martin, 528 7272, monthly
    - Mrs Pat Moses, 528 9802, monthly
  • Stitch & chat: Mrs Barbara Loveridge, 528 7788, 1st & 3rd Tuesday 2.00pm, at Woodlands Rest Home
  • Womens Fellowship: Mrs Barbara Loveridge, 528 7788, 3rd Wednesday 2.00pm

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