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Darnz Hip-Hop Salsa Crew

Winner of the Trustpower and Nelson Tasman District Councils Community Awards for:
  -  Educational and Child/Youth Development 2008.
  -  Runner-up for the same award in 2009.

About the Programme

Darnz Hip-Hop Salsa Crew Incorporated (DHS) is a non-profit organisation. The programme has been developed for youth between 5 and 17 years. DHS has proven that positive activity in a supported environment breeds positive attitudes in young people. This programme will include a diverse range of activity; however there will be a focus on the use of "dance and music" as a common medium for positive activity. Participants will learn all styles of dance from Hip-Hop, Salsa to Rock n Roll.

Rather than offering a one-off service tailored to a specific age group, the programme aims to instil a culture of individual betterment that will help youth make positive decisions through their youth and into adulthood.

Leadership Development

One key aspect of the programme that has proven successful is the DHS Leadership Development Programme. While engaged in the programme the youth will be encouraged to fully participate and where appropriate, take the lead in activities such as programme leader or mentoring participants through mutual support.


Four students of the programme are members of the Society's Management Committee. This means that they can have input into the programme and the needs that they, as youth, identify with.


Once Leaders have met the necessary competencies of the programme, they become available to be selected to open and operate a DHS site (in a paid role), with the support of a parent who is also trained to manage student registrations, invoicing and supervision.

To find out more about DHS - Class Schedules, Venues, Fees, or to contact us,
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"Become a leader with confidence in your heart…. Embrace the gift of dance,
and share your passion with others"
- Darney Takao 2005