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Motueka rezoning decisions mainly retained

August 7th, 2014
[by David Armstrong]

Tasman District Council has published its final decisions on the rezoning of land in central and west Motueka, with only a few small changes from the last round of consultations.

The properties currently zoned Residential on the west side of Wilkinson Street, Wallace Street and the west end of Greenwood Street will all be re-zoned Commercial.

This is expected to open the way for future, long-term development of the whole block around Decks Reserve to be the commercial and, along with a proposed library-based community hub, the civic heart of the town.

The larger development of residential and industrial land to the west of High Street, between King Edward Street and Pah Street, will go ahead with some modifications to the zoning plan that Council initially proposed.

For details of both plan changes, see our earlier articles here (13 March 2014) and here (3 September 2013).

Council's final decision was published last Saturday and detailed documents relevant to both plans (44 for Motueka Central, 43 for Motueka West) can be found on the Council's website here.

The central plan is essentially unchanged, but Plan 44 has had some minor tweaks and policy clarifications, TDC's planning officer Rose Biss told Motueka Online.

The biggest one (especially for the affected residents) is the retention of Residential zoning for the strip of land covering 128 - 142 King Edward Street (on the northern side of King Edward Street close to the airport intersection).

In addition, the planned greenway belt has been modified at its northern end to allow somewhat more of a buffer between the industrial zone and these King Edward Street houses. And the indicative road that was to link King Edward Street into the industrial area will now stop at the greenway.

Council also refined its plan to give an indication that it wanted development of the large Motueka West area to proceed from the south east corner in a north west direction, toward Whakarewa Street.

One other contentious plan item, an indicative road linking Courtney Street West with King Edward Street, remains in place despite the large number of objections, although Council has added clarification that this will be an access road only until such time as the High Street / King Edward Street intersection is upgraded.

The rezoning changes now have legal effect, but anyone who made a submission during the process may appeal to the Environment Court within 30 days "any provision or matter that is the subject of your submission or part of your submission".


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