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Mixed results from Motueka planning changes

March 13th, 2014
[by David Armstrong]

The final draft of the plan changes for the Motueka West and Motueka Central developments is now out for a final round of submissions and consultation. And as would be expected, some residents will be happy and others probably not so.

These plan changes refer to potential new developments to the central business area to allow more commercial growth, and to the area west of High Street between Pah Street and Courtney Street for more residential and industrial use.

For background details, see our earlier story here and an even earlier one here.

Many of those previous submissions were about technical matters, but of the three that in particular exercised the opinions and emotions of many residents, two have been amended and one not.

Zoning of properties in King Edward Street near Queen Victoria Street
At earlier meetings several residents, led vocally by Shirley Frater, had pleaded with Council planners to retain Residential zoning for the seven established properties between 128 - 142 King Edward Street.

Council has decided to accept their arguments and retain the existing zoning. They said these properties were well maintained and made a suitable gateway into Motueka from the valley highway.

They also said they were happy to reduce the amount of industrial land in the plan by 0.8 hectares, and furthermore to provide an open space buffer at the back of these properties to "manage cross-boundary effects from the industrial zone" behind it.

Wilkinson Street to remain Residential
About a dozen submitters had suggested that properties on the west side of Wilkinson Street, which Council had proposed be rezoned Commercial, should remain Residential.

The main reason was that it was too narrow to service commercial premises, and that much extra commercial land was not necessary. Council has agreed with this analysis, saying that the residences there are well maintained with mature trees and a sense of community.

They also suggest that demand for commercial property has "decreased slightly" over the past year.

Connecting Courtney Street with King Edward Street
The Motueka West plan change suggested an indicative road (land left for a future road) joining the western end of Courtney Street with the southern side of King Edward Street, part way along. Fifty-one submissions were made on this, mostly against.

Council's main reasoning was that such a link would enhance accessibility to the Motueka South School and the Friendship Hospital, with local traffic not having to use SH60 as the trunk for all trips in that area.

The objections mainly centred on more traffic going past the entrances to those two public facilities, with the possibility that heavy transport may also use it to get to industrial areas around King Edward Street.

Some submitters said they would like to have a road there to allow school pupils to walk to school without having to walk along SH60 High Street.

Council says it wants to retain the indicative road, promising that such a road would be designed and managed so as to discourage use by industrial traffic or those wanting a quick detour, through signage and traffic calming.

The final round of submissions, by those who have already made specific submissions, will be held on Wednesday March 19th starting at 1.00pm and the following day starting at 9.30am, at the St Johns Hall in Courtney Street.


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