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Colour and creativity at toy competition finale

August 6th, 2016
by David Armstrong

A vast range of creative, hand-crafted toys are on display at Memorial Hall over the weekend, the results of the Motueka Arts Council's winter "Make a Toy" competition.

It total 106 entries from around the country (as far north as Keri Keri) were judged within four categories, with quite a number made up of several component pieces.

The categories included creations based on wool, fabric and wood, and those by children aged 16 years or under. Winning entries are highlighted in the display, and prizes will be given out in a special ceremony at 3.30pm tomorrow, Sunday.

Given the range and quality of entries, judging must have been very difficult, but we're told it was based on both quality of making and suitability for children of various ages. There were also prizes for innovation.

Here are photos of the eight winning and innovative entries:

Child's toy created with wool, any method:

1st prize: Shona Fleming, "Living the Dream"

Most innovative: Diane Anderson, "Annabelinda"

Child's toy created with fabric, any method:

1st prize: Sue Tonge, "Beauty and the Beast"

Most innovative: Val Armstrongn, "Patch"

Child's toy, using any other material:

1st prize: Wayne Leedong, "Red"

Most innovative: MENZSHED, "Skittles"

Child's toy, made by a person aged 16 or under, any material or method:

1st prize: Jess Wratt, "YoYo"

Most innovative: Louis Young, "Balloon-powered Boat"

The best overall toy was Shona Fleming's "Living the Dream", a composite of items related to caravaning in NZ.

Merit awards were also given to:
Diane Calpbell - "Spotty" and "Flossie"
Joan Hancock - "C for Clown"
Yvonne Squire - "Teddy Bear"
Maureen Hutton - "Cinderella Topsy-turvy"
Jo David - "Primrose and her Pet, Minnie"
Karan Thompson - "Jacob" and "Rosie"
Margaret Faulkner - "Baby Boo"
Anne Savage - "Paddington Bear"
Catherine Jane - "Pigeon Pair"
Jocelyn Lowe - "Super Alien"
Joan Ryan - "Pricilla, Queen of the Pigs"
Frank Morley - "Miss Caterpillar"
Levi David - "Educational Toy"
Jake Van Katwijk - "Woody"
Pagan O'Donohue-Rogers - "Ted"

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