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Winter workshop artists bloom

August 26th, 2015

Green is bursting out around Motueka. The rhododendrons are in bloom - so too are the many artists who took part in the Arts Council winter workshops.

Organiser Sarah Douglas says she's had excellent feedback and is looking into the possibility of holding some summer art workshops.

"The whole point of the workshops is to inspire, learn something new, meet someone new, and have a really great time," she says.

"I very much enjoyed organising the workshops and meeting so many great people, tutors and students alike. There were so many highlights. Here are just a few:

"Shirley Wallace's felting classes gave you a good physical workout at the classes, with the 800 rolls you had to put the bag or scarf through, but the results were stunning.

"Singing with Barbie Cole was attended by 26 people in a supportive atmosphere that was energising and fun. The songs were rounds or harmonising parts and you soon found a group to sing with that fitted your voice." She thanked St Thomas' Church for providing a warm, clean and tidy venue with good acoustics.

"Painting with Johanna Ward was exciting for the participants. They couldn't believe what they had accomplished with a few techniques for simplifying and abstracting and their work. Even though they all painted the same still life, the finished works were varied.

"Making harakeke kono, a four corner storage basket, was made easy by competent tutoring of Atawhai Teaukura. And everyone came away with two or more examples for the afternoon's work.

"Rowena Lukomska's fabric and fibre art class allowed people to explore freely, fostering a truly creative sewing experience. The techniques taught and new technologies used, like the dissolving fabric, means students will use their skills often, and having spoken with participants they have already been inspired to do so. See the lovely Lily in her new dog coat photo (below)."

Sarah says the Motueka winter workshop program has kept her busy for the last three months and now it's time to wrap it up and look towards the summer.

"So many of the participants have expressed their gratitude for the programs offered. I wish to truly thank all those who came to a course.

"I genuinely hope our goals were met - that you were inspired, learnt something new, met someone new, and had a really great time.

"I very much enjoyed the job of organising the workshops and got such a lot from meeting so many great people, tutors and students alike. I feel I have made many friends. Next year I will organise a fresh exciting program."



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