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Positive response to BMX riders' appeal

August 13th

The group of BMX riders who have been building jump facilities beside the Skate Park, and who two weeks ago appealed for help from the public and Council for some extra needs, have received some positive assistance from Council and residents.

The young men, who had spent months of their own time and shovel-work building the jumps to improve their quality and competitive challenge, asked for donations of extra clay and fill and for Council to provide a picnic table, rubbish bin and signage. (See story here.)

Several residents, including Community Board member Paul Hawkes, have as a result shifted in loads of clay. Ted Coppins organised some clay from Talley's, and John from Motueka Hire lent a trailer for the day.

Also, following another meeting between the BMXers and Council officer Kathy Tohill last week, Council has accepted an offer from Corrections Service to build a picnic table for which Council will build a concrete platform.

Council will also install a rubbish bin for a three-month trial period, noting that in the past rubbish bins have been abused.

An old picnic table has been donated and placed on the site for the time being (see photo below). This response to the riders' appeal has shown how well a connected community can work to help each other.

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