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BMX enthusiasts need more clay to continue project

July 29th

A group of BMX enthusiasts have shown that if you want something enough you can achieve it with hard work, but now they need some help - in the unusual form of more clay - to further develop the jumping area they have created.

Sue Clark, a reporter at The Guardian, spent some time with the seven young men and wrote about their needs and goals. The lads have spend many hours on weekends and after work have toiled away with shovels, on their own initiative, to make and improve the standard of the BMX jumps on the land directly beside the Skate Park.

However, they have now run out of clay to form more obstacles and jumps. They aim to reach a standard which will allow them to invite competitors to Motueka. So they're hoping that people around town with a load of excess clay and/or fill to get rid of could bring them down to the BMX area in a trailer.

Through Sue and community board members they are also asking TDC to help with a few basic amenities. They would like a picnic table on site so they could sit and take a break from their building, and which other BMXers could socialise at also. They also need a rubbish bin, as they are finding a lot of litter and glass bottles around which are dangerous for riders and can damage their precious bikes.

They also believe that a sign should be installed warning people with young children that this isn't really a good place for a stroll.

TDC staff member Kathy Tohill has been approached but has said that council is organising a public meeting on August 18th at 4pm to discuss with all interested parties the state and future of Skate Park facilities, which in recent times have slipped into some disrepair. The BMXers say, however, that they are all in jobs so cannot make a meeting at that time.

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