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Ideas for Youth Council

June 28th, 2010
Posted by Finn Bulman

The Motueka Youth Council is looking for ideas of events or projects to work on that will actually benefit youth in Motueka! We're keen to try anything; maybe organise a regular, cheap bus to Nelson or just a fun event ... Please give us your thoughts so we can try and do something useful for you guys :)

Comment by Tegan:
[Posted 1 July 2010]
If there was a cool or fun activity happening in Mot what would you like it to be???

Comment by Tara Forde:
[Posted 2 July 2010]
I think we should put on an event, with bands or at least music. Rockquest happened in Nelson, yer? Could we invite the winners over for a Motueka gig? Maybe this is already happening? If so, what band would you like to invite to play here?

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