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Vision Motueka mulls possible winding down

January 27th, 2017

A shortfall in nominations for the required number of trustee positions has prompted Vision Motueka to consider closing down or spinning off its projects and assets.

Only two people - David Armstrong and Linda Glew - made themselves available to continue as trustees at last night's AGM, and unless others put their hands up to help, Vision will either have to close down, or "re-purpose" itself.

Previous (and now continuing) chairman David Armstrong told the 15 people attending the AGM that Vision Motueka cannot continue with its current work on at least two challenging projects with just two people committed to them.

"There are two options for 2017," he said in his chairman's report.

"One is to start the year with two trustees and use the other rules in our constitution that allow us to appoint trustees to keep going. Linda and I believe that a minimum number of appointees should be three, making a total of 5 out of the permitted 7 trustees."

"But the appointed trustees should bring something new to the table, and not just attend meetings while only two trustees do all the work. That 'something new' should be new projects that they will work on, or a commitment to help actively with our existing projects."

The second option was to "use the whole of 2017 to close Vision Motueka in an orderly fashion so that the projects for which we are currently responsible are passed on to other willing groups".

Earlier he had outlined the two major projects Vision had initiated last year - the fund-holding and umbrella group for the Motueka Kai Fest event, and the Youth Employment and Skills Training initiative.

"If we decide to close Vision Motueka, we envisage no great problem for these projects, as they can relatively easily be taken up by new or existing umbrella groups with those specific purposes in mind."

Another option that could be considered arose during discussion after the presentation at the meeting by Vision Motueka secretary Linda Glew about her work in gathering in-depth information about Motueka's youth training and engagement initiatives, resources and potential solutions. (See our earlier story.)

An upcoming gathering of training providers, community groups and the youth sector may lead to a "re-purposing" of Vision Motueka to become the group facilitating and holding funds for a five-year project youth-focused community led development project run by a "task force" of project stakeholders.

A decision to close down by the end of the year could be held over for a couple of months if the possibility of using Vision Motueka solely for the Youth initiative goes ahead. Otherwise it will come down to a "stay or close" decision.

"If some people offer themselves to become appointed trustees and commit to working on new or existing projects, then we will continue," he said.

"If not, then we will initiate discussions and plans to spin off our existing projects to other partners and close down."

David said that "Contrary to what some may think, Linda and I don't see a winding up as necessarily a bad or sad thing, or a sign of failure".

"When I began the group five years ago and enlisted Linda and others soon after, it was not for any glory seeking but to try to make a difference, and to see what could be done with well organised, community-led development.

"And I believe that we and the dozens of people who have worked with us as committee members or partner organisations over those years have made at least a difference.

"Maybe our time has come, and new or developing initiatives can be taken up by other people and groups. I thank all who have helped over those years in the work of Vision Motueka."

Comment by Beth Bryant:
[Posted 28 January 2017]

Well done Vision Motueka for the substantial positive changes you have envisioned and put in place to benefit the residents of Motueka. It is particularly pleasing to see the changes that you have managed for the youth of the area. You have shown the way and given us all hope that our dreams may be realised! Wow!

This is something that many of us did not expect to happen and shows the power of having a few people working together with great vision.

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