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Motueka JPs open for service at Elevation

May 25th, 2017

Need a JP to sign an important document? Then the Motueka Service Desk, manned by local Justices of the Peace at Elevation Cafe every 1st and 3rd Saturday, may be your answer.

JPs have been available on the first and third Saturday of each month from 10.00am to 12 noon as a free service since August 2014, but don't seem to get anything like the numbers they do at the Nelson and Richmond service desks.

Laurie Gabites QSM JP, President of the Nelson Tasman Justice of the Peace Association, thinks not enough Motueka people are aware of the service.

"Since we started we've helped an average of 10 - 15 per month," he says. "If people know the service is available they will often plan to attend a service desk.

"The most common requests include certifying copies of documents, affidavits, statutory declaration and a range of other documents. We can't provide legal advice but can often point them in the right direction.

"Often when you phone a JP at home they are unavailable or circumstances make it difficult at that time. People can plan to attend the service desk at a certain time which seems to work for many."

All JPs carry out important functions in the administration of documentation and justice in New Zealand. Appointment as a Justice of the Peace entails more than receiving a title, as Justices of the Peace commit themselves to serve their community for no reward. The services of a JP in New Zealand are provided free.

A Justice can:

  • Witness your signature on a document.
  • Certify copies of documents for you including cellphone texts and computer displayed results.
  • Administer an affidavit for you. This is a document that is sworn on oath or affirmed and is normally used in a legal proceeding.
  • Complete a declaration for you. This may be a statutory declaration made under the Oaths and Declarations Act 1957 or some other statute which provides for this to be done.

If you are planning to visit a Justice of the Peace, first phone the JP for an appointment. If using a service desk, check online in case you need to phone first.

Explain what it is you need to be completed - some documents can take more time than you expect.

Do not sign any of your documents first. You may complete the details required but if the document needs to be witnessed, declared or sworn, the JP must complete what is required and must personally see you sign it.

You may wish to take some form of identification. It may not be required but it is as well to be prepared.

And if the documentation you are requiring originated outside New Zealand, check that a New Zealand JP can complete it for you.

You can find a list and contact details of all current serving JPs in the Motueka area by clicking here.

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