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Where would an outdoor gym be most useful?

June 23rd, 2017

The Motueka Community Board are looking at options for potentially installing outdoor gym equipment, similar to that at Tahunanui beach area and Saxton Fields. But where should it go?

It is expected that the equipment will be used by people out exercising or just passing by, and the Community Board would like to involve the public in a survey for possible locations.

The first question is: Would you like to see outdoor gym equipment in Motueka? (Yes or No)

If Yes, then your preference for location would be:

  1. Decks Reserve (area along the eastern side between the new bench and table and the Kiyosato (Japanese) Gardens)
  2. Memorial Park (around the parameter so not to encroach on sports field area)
  3. Somewhere along the Inlet walkway (off Old Wharf Road beside the community gardens)

Please provide your opinion by commenting on the Facebook page on which this message is posted, or by emailing

An example of outdoor gym equipment

Comment by Sue Clark:
[Posted 23 June 2017]

I think Decks Reserve is getting cluttered. I would prefer to see it somewhere along the Inlet walkway (off Old Wharf Road beside the community gardens) or even better still somewhere near a beach frontage.

Comment by Eileen Prowse:
[Posted 24 June 2017]

I would like to suggest down by the community gardens, there's space as you walk towards the estuary past the sign about the various gardens.

Comment by Jane Best:
[Posted 24 June 2017]

I think in town would encourage more to use it rather than it being out of sight and therefore out of mind?! Decks Reserve has a lot of foot traffic already so potentially it would get used here more? But anywhere would be great, I've been keen to see this installed here for a long time so thanks.

Comment by Ali Law:
[Posted 24 June 2017]

Yes an outdoor gym in Motueka would be very beneficial. Either Decks reserve or Memorial park.... these 2 places more accessible to more people than near community gardens. It would be a great thing for folk in Motueka seeking support for their health who can't afford a gym membership..... Look forward to this happening.

Comment by Mary Dowell:
[Posted 24 June 2017]

Decks Reserve as my preferred option.

Comment by Shirley Frater:
[Posted 24 June 2017]

Memorial Park or Old Wharf Road would be great. Down by the salt water baths would also be ideal and the kids play area. Needs to have ease of access and car parking. After all its adults play equipment so needs a serene location for both physical and mental health. May be two sites would be ideal.

Comment by Linda Glew:
[Posted 25 June 2017]

Yes definite need for adult gym circuit. My preference would be Memorial Park, quite central for those shopping, current library and other services. I also like the idea of Saltwater baths area.

Comment by Ann Kidd:
[Posted 25 June 2017]

Memorial Park and/or down by Salt Water Baths for adults playground. A great idea, bring it on.

Comment by Raelene Shee:
[Posted 26 June 2017]

It would be great to have it somewhere where lighting can be also installed or is already in place. We have had a small group excerise in morning an/or early evening in the past an to be able to use the equipment during these times with lighting would be fantastic.

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